How do i cancel one plan?

  • 4 July 2018
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So i already have purchased a monthly sim only plan, I then purchased another plan that was better for me, how do i cancel the first one without vioding/deleting my account and sim.

1 reply

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Hello @Danny123,

Welcome to the iD Community.

Was your old plan a SIM-only plan?
We offer tariff changes for existing plans where you should be able to switch over to our new plans also.
This would save you ordering a new SIM-only and cancelling the existing.

If you have already purchased a new SIM-only plan as advised, you will need to re-register for an iD account with a different email address for this plan.

You would then log into your old account and request a 30-day disconnection.

It's not possible to port your number from the old iD plan to the new iD plan so the number would be lost.
Did you want to keep the number?

We can look into changing your old SIM-only plan over to the plan you've seen on our website and cancel the new one instead if you'd like?


EDIT: I've moved your topic to the section Plan types, upgrades & plan changes for clarity.