How do I upgrade to a uSwitch deal?

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Hi, there's a cheaper more inclusive deal available through uSwitch but not in my app as an existing customer. Any ideas how I get this? Do I need to order a new SIM? Thanks.

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Hello @MrSmithe 


Unfortunately,  deals on uswitch are exclusive to new customers only therefore to take advantage of it you would need to order new Sim Card and get a new number. There will be no simple way to transfer your existing number to the new sim card either. 


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Thanks @Gregor . Thought this might be the case. Just thought they'd be more flexible with the Sims being monthly deals.

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Hello @MrSmithe,

I’ve sent you a PM for how to get in touch.


Would love to see if we can match it if possible? Can’t promise it but if we can beat your current plan or get one much closer we hope that will be good also.


Please check your PMs.




I am having the same problem.
Just seen a Uswitch deal (8GB, Ulim Texts/Mins for £8). Closest on my account is 5GB which is nowhere near.
The best way would be to leave ID Mobile so I requested my PAC code to move and transfer my number to another ‘no-contract’ supplier like Voxi or Lebara or Giffgaff (I chose Giffgaff) and later, after say a month or two, get that ID Mobile deal again via Uswitch (if still available) and re-transfer my number.

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Hi @ffust77, we’ll get someone from the team to drop you a private message and see if we can match this deal for you.


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I have the same issue. Didn't realise that old number could not be transferred to another ID plan.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hi @GazzeeC 

Can you elaborate on your own situation?

Do you need us to cancel an old plan? 
Or are you moving the old number away from us temporarily to bring back to the new account?


I’m in a similar boat as the OP.

Credit Karma showed me an ID mobile plan which is cheaper than the same plan presented to me via the “change plan” option in the app. At checkout it prompts me to log in to check if I am available for any upgrade offers, but this just takes me to my dashboard. It also says that I’m able to keep my old number.

Do I really need to set up a new direct debit and have a new sim card sent over by mail? Can’t this just be done on your end? It seems absurd that I have to cancel my current monthly contract and change cards only to stay with the same carrier and number.

I have tried contacting customer service but can’t reach anyone over the phone and the chat is never available

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Hi @jpedro151,


Could you send us a link to the deal in question please so we can take a look?



I am also having the same issue. 

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Hi @Bjackson1988, could you send us a link to the deal so we can take a look?


Thank you,