Looking to save money? Here’s some tips and tricks

  • 5 March 2020
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Change your plan to one that gives you what you need

Using all your data or minutes before the end of the month? Have more allowances then you actually need?

Don’t get stuck with something that doesn’t suit you perfectly when it’s so easy to switch to a plan and keep on top of your monthly usage and spend.

If you’re on a 30-day SIM only plan, you can change it every month to fit in with your plans. You can also get unlimited minutes and texts on selected SIM only plans.

If you’re on a Pay monthly plan, you change things up when your 24-month contract over. Once it’s done, you can keep your current phone and change to an available plan that works for you.

Best of all - it’s simple to switch. Find out more about changing your plan here.


Upgrade and trade-in your old phone

If you’re due an upgrade and fancy a new phone, then why not trade in your old model? It doesn’t matter whether you bought it from iD or not, you can still trade in with us.

All you have to do is select your new handset, complete the online form and then post your phone back to us. We’ll deposit the money into your account within 3-5 days of receiving it. Sorted!

Then you can put that money towards your new upgrade or spend it on whatever floats your boat.

Check how much you can get for your old phone here.


Keep an eye on your usage

Worried about how much you’re spending? You can control all that easily with these handy tips and features…


Cap your spend 

Every iD Mobile plan comes with a Bill Cap. You can control how much you spend outside of your monthly Line Rental Fee.

Set it from anything between zero and £25 and you’ll never go over that amount, though that won’t include extras like add-ons or paper bills.

For more information, check our Bill Capping page.


Know what costs you and what won’t –

As with most networks some services are chargeable and aren’t included in your standard allowances. So, it’s important to know what’ll cost you and what won’t.

For example, even though you have unlimited texts with iD, sending a picture over text message is known as an MMS (multimedia message) and will cost you 30p each time you send one - unless it is sent as an iMessage.

Calling abroad from the UK is known as an International call, and you can be charged for that too - even if you’re calling an Inclusive Roaming country.

You’ll find a handy breakdown of chargeable usage and out-of-plan charges at our Charges page.


How to be smart with your usage – 

Streaming video or music - If you like to watch movies or to listen to music on the go with your phone, some of the most popular apps now allow you to download the movie/series or songs directly to your phone. If you’re using one, then connect your phone to a secure Wi-Fi network and binge away!


Using social media – a flick through Instagram or Facebook will use your data allowance. Both platforms will automatically play video clips - which use more data than pictures do! If you’re on a limited data plan just bear in mind that every second spent on a social media platform will use precious data when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.


Sending pictures and videos – if you enjoy sharing pics and videos with friends and family, be careful if you send them over text message. It’ll be chargeable unless you send them as an iMessage (Apple iPhone to iPhone).


The safest option is to use a messaging service apps like WhatsApp. They still use data, so you should still watch out. But if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, it’s free. Some of these apps even allow you to make phone/video calls.


Taking your phone Abroad – you can use your allowances in 50 countries when roaming within our Inclusive Roaming. Just be sure the country you’re visiting is on the list. If not, you’ll be charged our Roaming rates.


Also, be careful when on a ferry or cruise. Travelling at sea means you’re subject to Maritime Roaming charges which can be expensive. You can find more information about roaming at sea here.


Handy iD services

Here are a few iD App Services that can help you manage your spend and control your usage:


Bill Cap – set a cap and you’ll never spend more than you want to.


Roaming – turn Roaming on and off within the app. You’ll never get shocked by charges when you’re not in one of our Inclusive Roaming countries.


NB: Turning this off means you won’t be able to make or receive calls and texts. Check out our list of Inclusive Roaming countries and charges for when roaming outside of our Inclusive Roaming zone. 


International – toggle whether you can or can’t make international calls and send texts from the UK. International calls and texts are chargeable; you can find a list of charges here


Premium - to make sure you don’t accidentally text or call a premium rate number, turn on the premium bar.


We hope that helps you keep your phone bill in check!

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