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  • 14 July 2019
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I Have just joined and got a 30 day contract sim only, for my son.
Im really impressed and would lime to join myself. Can I get another sim on the same account?

4 replies

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Hi @Jroly81

Unfortunately at this moment iD Mobile does not support multiple sim cards under the same email address. You could need to create separate account by using different email address.

Bare in mind that iD Mobile allows only two contract per person and the secondary one might be rejected due to credit checks done is short period of time. Safest bet for you would be to wait 3-6 months before getting second number.

Kind Regards
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Hi Jroly81
We're glad to have you with us and would like to offer another connection but we would recommend waiting 3 months before making a further application.

Once you have the 2nd SIM, it will need to be registered with a different email address as Hikari has advised.

Im also struggling - have 2 id Sims for my son and daughter and only one email address. Please advise. I notice this has been an issue for a while, are you also able to give any times at on resolution? One of the reasons I remained with id mobile was to keep simplicity with one provider. Many thanks in advance
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Hi @Smtc68,

At present, you would need two email addresses as each email address can only be assigned to one account. We do not have a time frame for when this process may change either I'm afraid!