phone and sim contract

  • 14 July 2020
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my phone is damaged and my sim card isn't working right. I can't make calls or even send text. The Internet isn't great. I have tried contacting id mobile about arranging a replacement. I can't speak to anyone through the phone. Other service providers have this service through the lockdown. Its 14/7/2020 things are suppose to be eased in England and Wales, in Scotland and Ireland. Where is this office located ? How can I get a replacement phone thanks 

2 replies

I have had my id mobile contract for about 24 months. My mobile phone have bejng badly damaged for a few months at least and there is a line in the middle causing my no to really use the phone. The sim isn't good enough cause I can't make calls or send text and the Internet isn't great. I'm considering leaving id mobile if I can't get a replacement phone. Id like to know what I need to do. Thanks 

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Hi @Rene Obuka,

I have merged both of your posts into one to ensure we can assist you in one place.

In terms of damage, what has happened to the phone? If it has been dropped or subjected to liquid ingress then the warranty of the device would be void.