Sim Only Call Forwarding

  • 5 April 2020
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Hi does the sim only data plan for £7 and 2.5gb include call forwarding as I wish to forward calls to another number using the sim. Will the calls fall inside my allowance meaning I wouldn't have to pay extra? Thanks

1 reply

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Hey @Shortexxx 


I will copy and paste here an answer made by @terrywebbs in another thread from here regarding very similar question. I think this answer is very descriptive and will cover all you would like to know. 


If you require a call divert service it all depends on the features available on your mobile.
ID mobile can handle standard call diverts that are setup via your mobile handset.

If your mobile lets you enter more than one number for a call divert then it may work.
Please note however you will be charged for all forward or diverted calls.
Calls diverted will be charged at the normal call cost so calls diverted to another UK network would be included in your monthly allowances and then 40p/min outside of this.

If you require a service outside of the standard call divert then you are going to need either an App from the store that can do exactly what you want, but some do come at a price, the alternative would be a paid online service.

ID Mobile as far as I am aware offer the standard mobile services at present, like most others, however there is nothing stopping you looking around for a call divert service, or trying an app from the app store.


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