Spurious “ out of plan text charges”.

  • 6 November 2018
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I have this month received two out of plan text message charges @ £4.50 each to 80045 !
I have never sent any text to this odd number and am furious as it has bumped up my bill by £9.00.

Called iD customer support and they were not prepared to offer a refund as clearly I’ve been victim to some scam.

Any one else had this ?



12 replies

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Hi @Douglas,

It seems as though a betting company has obtained your number and has signed you up for a premium rate SMS service.

Please follow the below link to find ways of cancelling this service:

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Hi Ryan

Thank you for the reply.

i have contacted the A holes direct and told them in no uncertain terms to take my number off their scam and requested a full refund for the monies stolen.

Im livid , I wonder how much they are making by fraud?

I said I worked for the FCA and they better resolve this or they will be investigated.

How the hell are they getting away with this ?
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Hi @Douglas,

It is disgraceful how some companies out there operate, especially in cases like this. I do hope that they are able to remove your number promptly to ensure that there are no further payments.

I'm unsure how companies who do such a thing do get away with this though, we can only expect that the relevant regulatory body are able to step in and take action.

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Hi Ryan

Well I have had a response from this betting firm who are going to compensate me £18.00 and remove my number.

I just can’t believe how careful one has to be these many internet cons it’s dreadful and only likely to get worse.

Had a spurious Pay Pal e mail this morning........just deleted it as clearly not from Pay Pal.

Thanks again , it’s a jungle out there !
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Hi @Douglas,

That's great to hear! I'm so glad that they have refunded you that money, they must come across something like this quite regularly.

It is indeed a jungle out there, you've got to keep your wits about you with most things cyber now a days.

Take care 👍🏼

i just got a text from these pickpockets too.

Could someone from iD let me know which dubious company has given my data to these awful people?

have tried blocking texts with the phrases "Mega Promo", "Terra Mob" and "FreeMsg" from my handset.

I have reported them to the PSA but they operate under cypriot law probably.. here is who they are operating as - looks like they've been scamming under various names since 2016.


[h4]Customer care number[/h4]
0203 318 8164
[h4]Customer care email[/h4]
[h4]Customer care website[/h4]
Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd has not provided this information
[h4]Search result provided by[/h4]
Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd
[h4]Service connected on[/h4]
03 July 2018
[h4]Service terminated on[/h4]
This service is still operating
[h4]Name of service[/h4]
Mega Promo
[h4]Type of service[/h4]
Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd has not provided this information
[h4]Service description[/h4]
Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd has not provided this information
[h4]How much does this service cost?[/h4]
Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd has not provided this information
If you would like to find out more about this service or have a question about it, then you should contact the service provider below.
Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd
Dimokratias 25

Report an issue with this service

Is this the correct result?

If not try other information about 80845 provided by these providers:
[h4]Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd[/h4]
Service name: Mega Promo
Service Type: Unknown
Service started on: 03 July 2018
Service ended on: Active
[h4]Terra Mobile Consulting Ltd[/h4]
Service name:
Service Type: Competition - non-scratchcard
Service started on: 24 August 2017
Service ended on: 21 March 2019
[h4]Mobista Web[/h4]
Service name: VistaFun
Service Type: Competition - non-scratchcard
Service started on: 08 September 2016
Service ended on: Active
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Hi @ss rza,

I'm afraid that we have no way of knowing how they obtained your number, but it is certain that we have not given it away or sold it.

You would be better off contacting the company in question to ask them to disclose how they obtained your details, as well as asking them for a refund if any money has been taken. You can can ways of contacting them by using this handy external website link: PSA Authority.

I hope that they respond to your queries quickly.

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I have this scam, how can I stop the charge £4.50? During this difficult time with no iD customer service.

Can anyone help? Many thanks. 

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Hi @Siu 

It looks like your number has been signed up for a service with a charge of £4.50.

I would suggest you please follow the below link to find ways of cancelling this service.

Let me know how you get on.



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Hi Pearl,

Many thanks for your quick reply, I didn’t sign up any this kind of service, I received a “FreeMsg” text from 65888, so I blocked and deleted it, but they have charged me from last July until now.

I called them yesterday to take out my phone number and refund all the cost to me, otherwise I will report to PSA, this morning I received an email to let me know they will refund £40.50 and take out my phone number.

The company calls 1st Fitness based in Cyprus and use number 65888 send out premium text “FreeMsg” to scam people.

Once again thank you for your help.

Kindly regards,


I got scam by 65888 with £9. Would I get a refund for that as well 

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Hi @Adeyinkka oladipupo, to pursue a refund, please follow the link below:


Here you can report the instance and go about getting the money back.