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  • 17 November 2020
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I’m trying to upgrade from SIM only to a deal with phone. 

When I go to available upgrades t only offers SIM only deals. 

Can I upgrade and keep my number with this account, or do I need to start again?




Best answer by Ryan 23 November 2020, 13:45

Hi @Neil0406,

How long have you had the SIM-only plan for? We usually allow upgrades after around 6 months of owning the SIM providing your payment history is good.


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5 replies

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Hi @Neil0406,

How long have you had the SIM-only plan for? We usually allow upgrades after around 6 months of owning the SIM providing your payment history is good.



I’m having this same problem. I joined ID in October because I was waiting for the Pixel 5 to come out before I got another contract. Now I want to get the Pixel 5 but I can’t upgrade so I’m going to have to cancel my current contract with ID to get a new contract and then move over my number? 

That just seems a bit backwards, I don’t want to leave ID and the contract is pay-monthly and I can change the plan whenever I like, so why can’t I upgrade until March? 

It’s a lot of faff and there is no one available on Live Chat. 


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Sorry about that @b3ckatr0n


As Ryan said, it’s a minimum of 6 months before an upgrade is available.



Hi Will, 

Thanks for coming back to me. I understand that I’m not able to upgrade for 6 months. My question is more, why is that the case? Currently, I’m under no obligation to continue my contract, I could cancel it at any time. So why is it that I can’t upgrade at any time?

I’m trying to sign up with you guys on a contract with a phone that would lock me in for 2years, surely that makes the company more money? As a user, it would be less faff for me if I could upgrade so I don’t have to cancel my current plan, get a new contract, and move my mobile number over. 

Also, when I decided that’s what I was going to do, I requested a PAC code and when it came it said it was only valid until the 30th of October 2020, and I requested it on the 23rd of November?

The lack of customer service is painful. I joined the network because of how easy it was to adjust my plan when I wanted to and the app is great but when you want to speak to an actual human there’s just no way of doing it. I spoke to the robot chat more times than I can count asking to speak to a real person and I kept getting the same ‘they’re all unavailable’, so I tried calling the customer service number and that redirected me to the chatbot. I even tried to speak to Carphone Warehouse and they couldn’t help me either, which is how I ended up here. 

I’m not trying to be a difficult customer, I’m just trying to understand the upgrade rule, I’m trying to give iD more of my money and the response has basically been ‘Nah, no thanks’. Overall the user experience has been pretty poor, this is why I usually go into the shop when I want to change my contract so that I can talk to an actual person. 


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Hi @b3ckatr0n 


I do understand what you are asking; when changing your plan to a higher price range, we require a good payment history (up to 6 months).

This is the reason why you are unable to upgrade to a higher-priced contract at the moment.

I’m sorry I couldn't have offered a more favourable response.