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So my iPhone 7 contract has recently ended and today I have tried to upgrade to a Galaxy A71. However, when I got to the order summary page to confirm the order a red text box came up saying that some details were missing. I recently moved house in July and then changed the address on my IDMobile account, to match the address I moved to. Other than that, all the information has stayed the same. I also changed my address registered with the bank to my new address when I moved so I assumed that the IDMobile address and bank address need to be the same in order to upgrade.

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Hi @ligiamariaharding 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


Hi it’s Simon Richmond. I was due to upgrade last week as my contact was due to upgrade, but upon going thru the process it wouldn’t complete. I have had 5X1p payment taken, gone thru the whole process only for it to not complete.


Id are offering me a deal I really want but I obviously can’t ring cause of COVID, they say the deal may end soon.



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Hi there Simon.


When you’re placing the order.  Does the bank account you’re using to make any payments or setup any Direct Debit’s with have the exact same address details as the address to which you have written in your iD Mobile account and as where the item is being delivered to?

As generally speaking these need to all be exactly the same.

Those pending 1p payments would be returned to you within 5 days in most cases, as they’re just part of the check mentioned above to try and prevent against fraud and validate your identity and address.

Yea they have the same address. I’ve checked that already, my bank is the same address that’s in my ID app.

Simon Rich

To add to my last message. I recently changed the address on my ID app about 2-3 weeks ago, same with my bank.


Could it take a whilst to verify the address cause of the change.


Simon Rich

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Ah ok Simon.

Did you receive a PM from us as Pearl mentioned above?
If so we’ll take some further details from you and dive further into this there shortly.

Team it went to my gmail address. Is this ok?

It went i meant. Let me know if you need anymore help. Thanks

I haven’t had a reply since you mentioned if I got my PM yesterday, is the address the issue.



Simon Richmond

I know your busy , but still can you let me know if I need to ring them over my issues when the centre opens.



Simon Rixhmond

My order has been processed. Thanks for helping .

Simon Rich