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  • 18 November 2020
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Hi. I just want to ask how can I use my old ID mobile number on a new id mobile contract. I cancelled my old id mobile contract few days ago as I saw a good offer on uswitch with the same provider. I signed up on this new ID mobile contract and they issued me a new phone number. I wanted to use my old number but the app(id mobile) wont allow me to port my old number. Any experiences on how to solve this. I appreciate all the help. Thanks!

1 reply

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Hi @pasawaysauk 


We’re unable to move an active iD Mobile number from one account to another directly.  No network can do this we’re sorry to say. 


We would always recommend doing an upgrade/ plan change on an existing account if you wanted to change your plan or start a new contract whilst keeping your existing number you had with us.


If you require any further help, please let us know.