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How to return your pay monthly plan

  • 21 January 2019
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If you’re thinking of ending your pay monthly phone plan and leaving iD Mobile, we’ll be sorry to see you go. But we won’t make it difficult or stand in your way – that’s not what we’re about. You’ll find all the information you need below.

If you bought your plan recently (no more than 14 days ago in-store, or no more than 30 days ago online or by phone), here’s the good news. You can simply process a return, rather cancelling your plan. It’s much easier.

How to return your pay monthly plan and end your iD Mobile contract

1. Purchased pay monthly plan in-store
If you bought a pay monthly phone plan in-store no more than 14 day ago, you can return it by going into any Carphone Warehouse store. Just bring proof of purchase along with the phone you’re returning, and a member of staff will take care of you.

2. Purchased pay monthly plan from or via the iD telephone sales team
If you purchased a pay monthly phone plan from or via the iD telephone sales team, you can return it to a Carphone Warehouse store or by post. Here’s how to do this:
  • · Returning your phone plan to a Carphone Warehouse store
You can return the phone to any Carphone Warehouse store within 14 days of your delivery date. Just bring proof of purchase along with the phone you’re returning, and a member of staff will take care of you.
  • · Returning your phone by post
You can return your phone by post within 30 days of your delivery date. To do this, follow these simple steps:
  1. 1. Let us know you'd like to cancel your plan and return your phone. You can either contact us here, or print our returns form, and post it to us.
  2. 2. We'll then give you a Return Transaction Number.
  3. 3. Post your return to the address below by recorded delivery at your own cost (and please keep your proof of postage). You must include your Return Transaction Number and proof of purchase – if you don’t, it might be sent back to you:
CPW Direct Returns
Building 1
Long Hollow Way
NG24 2NH

3. Purchased pay monthly plan through Carphone Warehouse Online
If you purchased a pay monthly phone plan through Carphone Warehouse online, please visit their returns and exchanges page.

4. Purchased your pay monthly plan elsewhere
If you purchased a pay monthly phone plan elsewhere, please contact them directly for details about how to make your return.

And that’s really all there is to returning your pay monthly phone plan. If you’ve got a question that we didn’t answer above, post it below for someone in the Community to answer.

15 replies

Once a phone has been returned how long does if take as would like to get a different mobile
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Hello @What-todo,

Did you return a new contract or an upgrade?

Once we've received the return (you should be able to track this via the returns label we sent containing tracking information), we'd expect our Warehouse to close down the return as soon as possible.

If it's a new contract, we'll arrange for the disconnection but you can order a new one whenever as it's not tied to the other contract.

If it's an upgrade, you'll need to wait 3-5 working days once the order has been returned to allow the system to reverse your upgrade and put you back onto your previous tariff/closest tariff available. Your upgrade date will then be rest so you can upgrade again.

It was a returned handset was received Signed for on Fridayon
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Hello @What-todo, it may best for you to contact us directly.

We'll need to access your account in order to pick this up further.


I’d like to return my phone/new contract that was only purchased three days ago. I paid £50 up front and would like to confirm that will be refunded. 

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That would indeed be refunded upon the return and cancellation of any recent contract bought within the past 14-days @Mama73 

We’ll send you a Private Message here now in order to assist with the return.

I am trying to cancel my unused and unregistered Sim Card but actually finding it difficult to do it. Can anyone advise me on what I can do as I am beginning to lose the will. 

I am trying to cancel Sim only . Sim has not been used and is still unregistered 

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Hi @Elaine Boyd,


We’ll send you a Private Message now to offer some assistance.



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Can someone please message me direct. Getting billed for a phone a bought and gave to my mum years ago. She hasn’t used in years and I still get ID letters monthly to pay the bill or face court action. I can’t find any way to cancel this in person, by phone or on line so please someone get in touch. 

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Hi @Ross Bennet,

We are sorry to hear about the bills that you are receiving.

The contract would continue until you request a cancellation or process an upgrade.

You can cancel your contract via the steps below:

Simply log in, go to the 'My account' page, and on the 'Manage my plan' tile click 'End my plan'.

If you don’t have an account we can assist you via Live Chat or PM on the Community.

Please let us know how you get on.



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Thanks. I don’t have a my account. Can you please assist.

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Hello @Ross Bennet,


We can look into this further.

Just before we do, can you clarify if the contract is in your name or did you purchase this in your mum’s name?



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Hi, I can’t confirm either way as the contract was taken out so long ago. Years. We no longer have the phone. Your records will show it’s not been used in years. The no is xxxxxxx.

The bill is in my name and the account no XXXXXXX.

My mum’s name is Alison XXXXXX.

I don’t have the my account and cannot register due the fact we don’t have the phone so can’t receive the code sent to the phone.

Hopefully this information is sufficient to cancel the contract given I am the bill payer. 





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Hi @Ross Bennet , I’ve edited your post to remove personal details.


What I’ll do is send you a Private Message so we can discuss this securely and get to the bottom of it all for you.