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Data roaming in France

  • 2 June 2022
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Right.. I am now ready to cancel my account.

There is no help from id mobile at all.

I am in France and getting NOTHING from my id sim.


4 replies

I'm in France right now. I cannot connect my Huawei Router with id sim?

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Hi @GulfMac, I’ve merged your threads into one. Did you follow the correct steps before setting off to France, i.e. activating Roaming in your iD Mobile account?

If you still need help after doing so, speak to our FacebookTwitter or Live Chat team so they can take a look at your account.


Thank you,


Hi Rory.

My roaming is on. But I cannot pick up 4g

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Are you able to test the SIM in a handset and see if that works fine.

It may also be worth checking that the SIM is compatible with your router, from what you have advised it seems that it may not work in the router.




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