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EU roaming

  • 30 June 2022
  • 4 replies

Seems to be a common theme. I've just crossed into France and no data services.

Roaming handset is ON

Roaming ID account is ON

Network Connections reset

SIM removed and reinserted

Handset restarted.

Calls and SMS are ok

Android10 handset.

Tried to resolve this previously through online chat but I think the guy got bored and legged it

4 replies

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The iD roaming partners in France are: BYTEL (or BOUYGTEL), Free Mobile, or Orange.

You could try manually connecting to one of these networks.

Does your iD SIM work in a different handset?

Hi Andewhite.

Thanks for your input but my issue is not restricted to France. I've been in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, all the same, calls and texts work but no data. The auto-network picked out Orange F anyway.

This is the third different SIM I've had in this handset and never had any issues before now. One of the previous ones was 3UK but I ditched them when they introduced roaming charges.

Does it work in another handset? I don't know, I'm not roaming now and on home soil it works perfectly. If I can't find a solution to this pretty quickly I'll just ditch the ID 1 month rolling contract and find another.


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Okay @Andy Scott - fyi, another forum member @adambard suffered with persistent problems when roaming in the USA, which was only solved by a replacement SIM card (see here).

SMARTY, who’ve got inclusive EU roaming, might be an option.


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Okay @Andy Scott, is your handset on the iD Mobile approved device list.

If your handset isn’t on this list, your ability to use iD Mobile services might be affected, so iD’ll only offer generalised suggestions to solve any issues you’ve got.

The “What are iD Mobile’s network settings?” community FAQ may help though - especially the section about APN value. It seems some roaming networks think an iD SIM is a Three SIM (for mobile data).

Anyway, good luck.



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