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iD SIM stopped working in the USA

  • 4 March 2022
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I have been in the USA for about 2 months, previously my SIM was working for phone calls and texts (I disabled roaming data on the phone, as I don’t need it).

Recently it has stopped working - it shows no signal everywhere, and cannot join any mobile networks. Previously it automatically joined AT&T - now they are all marked “forbidden”. I have tried using the SIM in a different phone, which shows the same problem. That other phone works for a different UK SIM from another network, so I am pretty sure that my iD SIM card is at fault.

My account is paid up. International and Roaming features are both still On. Are there any additional troubleshooting steps I can try?

4 replies

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Hello @sneffler,

It’s unlikely to be a settings issue, since you’ve already had Roaming working fine (providing you haven’t changed any settings recently).

Do other UK SIMs connect to the same networks fine? This would rule out an issue with the network being at fault also.

Have you got your spend cap raised to ensure the out of plan usage can be incurred?


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Same issue on 2 accounts for about 2 months. Been using ID sims in USA fine for 2 years. Pixel 3a and 3aXL. Had 4 sessions with support and no sign of a fix. No issue identified with handset or account or any phone settings. Escalated to Tech team which can only send texts, which I can’t receive as no networks connect as @sneffler says. Totally hopeless support.



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Hi @adambard, sorry to hear this. We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account so we can discuss your issue further.

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@sneffler After months of unsuccessful back and forth with technical support, I got a replacement SIM sent to me and that fixed the prpblem


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