Imposible to contact ID, cancel contract is the only solution?

  • 15 September 2020
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Last week I was affected by the data network issue. Few days after I had signal but still no data so I contacted iD. The advisor made some checks and few hours later data was nicely back.

The following day (last Saturday) I got “no signal” on the phone. I tried rebooting, leaving phone off for some hours, a different phone, airplane mode off/on, and nothing worked. I am abroad at the moment and this is a BIG issue as this leaves me incommunicado while far from home.

This would not be so scary if it weren’t impossible to get support from iD. This is what I tried:

  • Phone call to 7777: I cannot place any call as I don’t have signal.
  • Live chat: the button is missing on the website. With your browser inspector you can easily see that the button is on the HTML code but iD decided to disable it so nobody can start a chat. Nice move towards a rubbish customer support, iD.
  • Place a complaint: same story, the button is missing on the website (on purpose as I found it on the HTML code too). No complaint can be placed.
  • Facebook: automatic replies that points to Live Chat, which has been disabled on purpose. No human response after 3 days.
  • Instagram: not even a single reply.
  • Email: it seems there is not any email address customers can contact to.

As a last resort I am writing my case here hoping iD staff reads it. It is a shame that you have to write on a forum to get support for an urgent issue. And it is urgent because it is making my stay abroad difficult and unsafe. Thankfully I can sometimes get WiFi coverage where I am, but how can I manage otherwise?

Last note to iD: ignoring people’s issues by making to contact you bloody complicated does not fix anything. It only makes things worse. My problem would not be so scary if I can get some support, but instead I am now seriously considering ending my contract. Do not leave your customers in the lurch.

4 replies

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I have been let a local phone to call iD at 03330037777. And it has been an expensive international call.

It has been frustrating, it does not matter what your choices are in the menu, you will never reach to speak to a real person. It always redirects you to the live chat which is NOT WORKING. I lost all my faith, I just want to cancel my contract and get another with a company that does not leave me alone.

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Hello @alberto

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with coverage whilst roaming as well as trouble contacting us.

I can confirm our Live Chat button is not disabled and your browser may be blocking this if you have an extension/adblocker enabled. You can try clearing cache, incognito or a different browser.


Which country are you roaming in currently?

Have you tried turning your phone off and on?

It’s possible that the roaming mast you’re connecting to could be down.

Have you tried troubleshooting via our Roaming articles?



you are not alone in your frustration with trying to contact iD, I have never had so much trouble attempting to contact a company. The Live chat never works,the whole system continually sends you round and round in circles to the “community” and its impossible to speak to anyone. I wrote to them and they eventually replied saying I could contact them via email but not giving me an email address to do so. QUITE SIMPLY THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH…….

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Hi @veryannoyed.,

We have replied to your topic in regards to getting in touch, please respond to us there and we can offer further assistance.