mobile data not working

Hello, I am currently travelling out of UK and by some reason yesterday my mobile data disappeared. I checked that my add-on is still active and I do have data. All settings are as usual. Could you advise on the matter? Thanks.

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Hi @YaPpy 

We are sorry to hear this. Are you able to provide a screenshot of what your iD Mobile App is showing?




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So just to confirm @YaPpy 

Did you purchase 1GB of data and that has not been added on?


I did purchase it. It was available till yesterday and since then I have no mobile data. As you can see 200mb were already used before the issue occurred.

Will appreciate some tech support here because I do use data a lot, so I need this solved asap

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Hi @YaPpy,

We have a Live Chat Team which you may be able to use to obtain faster responses.

How long have you been outside of the UK? Have you checked your phone’s data usage settings to ensure nothing is stopping it from working?