network problems whilst Roaming in Greece

  • 27 September 2020
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I am in Greece and up until the last week or so, my ID mobile SIM has been working well. Now it is unable to register to a network, when I manually select networks, there are no 4g available. Which renders the SIM useless. However, I have dual SIM and my other providers works and able to use 4g. So it must be a problem with ID. I have tried creating a new APN, and have used the chat service to no avail. I am using a 3T one Plus, Roaming on, all other settings as they should be, have restarted the phone after any changes . Any help would be very welcome! Thank you.

3 replies

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Hi @Hdrewett,


After 2 months or so being used exclusively abroad, the services will stop. How long have you been in Greece now?



Hi @Will ,

Thank you for your reply.

It isn't that though, haven't been here that long!

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Hello @Hdrewett,

Try removing the other SIM and then reset the APN settings to see if this works.

I’ve had other users report issues with dual SIM not working properly.

Only 1 SIM can use data at any time.

Removing the other SIM and re-setting APNs should help troubleshoot this.