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No data when abroad

  • 19 September 2018
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Unable to get data when abroad unless in a WiFi zone the option for setting the iPhone 7 Plus is to set the APN on the phone but this option is not available on the phone,Apple support state that it is only available if the carrier allows it but ID say the phone is set to receive data when abroad and I cannot get them to accept that it is a problem that only they can resolve, am interested to hear if anybody else has a similar problem and has been able to resolve it

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26 replies

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Hey @Apt147,

Which country are you currently roaming in? You may need to do a manual network selection to choose one of our partnered networks. Let me know and I'll check it out for you.

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Spain /Tenerife have been advised by ID to manually pick Movistar but makes no difference. Today I have replaced my I D sim with the one out of my daughters phone which is with o2 and all the options required to be able to set the phone to use data becomes available ie the ability to insert the APN settings so it proves that it’s the carrier that has to allow these settings which is what Apple say on their support page but so far nobody at ID will take it on board just keep saying the phone is all set up to get data when abroad but the problem is the carrier is not allowing it. I would be very pleased if you could sort this problem as I’m at my wits end.
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Hi Apt147, are you able to check on your phone to see if you have any profiles.

Settings> General> Profiles.
If you see anything there, let us know, but if it's for a previous network SIM, we'd recommend you remove this and restart your phone.

You could also try resetting the network settings on the phone if this does not work.
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I have a I phone 7 plus and and Profiles is not an available option as you suggest if there is any other method of finding Profiles advice would be very welcome, and have reset the network settings on the advice of the Car Phone Warehouse prior to being advised to change my supplier as it would be simpler.
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Hi Apt147,

Please can you remove the SIM, restart and see if more options are presented to you.

Old network profiles are often the cause preventing using data services as expected.
If your phone is using the Three network settings, this may work in the UK but it's unlikely to work abroad.

If you are able to see Profiles and remove any data, re inserting the SIM would then set up the phone as required to function correctly.
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Have just done what you suggested but it makes no difference I’m afraid, on the Apple support page it states that you can only input the APN settings if your carrier allows it and as I’m sure your aware there are many comments on this community page from I D users expering the same issue so surely it’s an ID problem and my sister in law is using the 3network in Spain and only yesterday we asked her to connect to the internet not using WiFi and she did with out a problem.
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Hi Apt147, it's not necessary to edit the settings when they are applied correctly, existing settings/ profiles can prevent the correct application causing this problem with data..

If you have a connection to the network and calls and texts work ok this still indicates the phone is not set up correctly, but, if all the options that have been suggested have not worked, a full reset of the phone may be required to ensure only the iD Mobile settings are applied.

If there is any option to update the software, we'd recommend this is attempted first and please check that mobile data and data roaming are still turned on since changing the SIM.
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I purchased this phone from Apple and joined ID from the start so no left over Profiles, have been to the Carphone Warehouse to try and resolve the issue they did the reset of the network settings after long talk with I D representatives all to no avail and have read many other comments on this site from other users who are getting the same issue stating that you are not subscribed to a data service when using it abroad and have been in contact time and again with ID but with no success I personally was advised by an employee of the Carphone Warehouse to change my supplier is this really the only solution, Apple who I think you will agree understand the workings of their equipment state That THE CARRIER HAS TO ALLOW IT and that is where the problem lies and nobody it appears at ID is sorting the problem out just passing from one to another and all the customers who have got contracts are paying for a service that’s not being provided and ultimately will change supplier if ID don’t bother sorting it out.
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Was this ever resolved? I have exactly the same issue using an iPhone 6s from new with an iD sim only contract. I have tried most of the suggestions elsewhere on the community site to no effect. Having just had a “live chat” with iD, i was provided with settings to use on an Android phone despite stating that it was an Apple iPhone 6s. Very frustrating!! Perhaps switching back to my previous provider is the answer - never had this problem with them.
On iPhone you can try navigating to:
Settings>Mobile Data>Mobile Data Options>Data Roaming and switch data roaming on

You can also try going to the iD Mobile app and under the ‘Services’ tab you must switch on the ‘Roaming’ feature, try switching on the ‘international’ feature if that didn’t work.

I hope this helps! 👍🏻
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If only it were that simple!! My phone and App have been set this way from the start.
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Having changed supplier to the 3network all is now ok but having still got a contract with ID on my wife’s phone have recently descoved that the problem seems to have been resolved and all is now ok
still got a contract with ID on my wife’s phone have recently descoved that the problem seems to have been resolved and all is now ok

How did the problem get resolved? There are many iD customers out here looking for that magic solution 😱
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Unable to say as I had been in contact with ID throughout the summer and was unable to get any satisfaction was even advised in a car phone warehouse store to change my supplier which I have but have retained my wife’s phone with ID and suddenly found out that it was operating ok and has been ever since the trouble was that it was not possible to enter the APN settings into the phone but can only assume that at some point they corrected the problem with the network that they operate through.
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Hi there. I've been having similar problems as above. I've been using my iD SIM in UK fine for calls, text & data. I'm now in Spain and data does not work. iD chat have sent me the settings - but they are not accessible on my iPhone 6s Plus (iOS 12). iD referred me to Apple who say that it is an iD problem and that iD need to enable to APN settings on my phone. I can't even seem to do a Network reset which I have been told might resolve the problem. Thanks for any suggestions. I'm a little reluctant to do a complete iPhone reset while abroad in case the phone will not function again properly. Thanks James
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Well problem solved - I used these instructions
  1. On your iOS device, open Settings > General.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and open Profiles. If you do not see a "Profiles" section, you do not have a configuration profile installed.
  3. In the "Profiles" section, select the profile you wish to remove and tap Remove Profile.
I took out the iD SIM, removed the old Virgin Mobile profile from my phone (as above), switched the iPhone 6s Plus off and then on. Switched off again and re-inserted the iD SIM. Switched phone back on and now data has started working in Spain for the first time! A result - Thank the Lord.
In Spain at present and data via ID!!! However, despite one success above, no success with my iPhone 6!
Good job I have my backup SIM card from GiffGaff - that works OK👍
Still very frustrated that iD is unable to solve this issue - the only issue in an otherwise great provider😱
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Hi there @Freda Checks

Do you have Data roaming enabled in both the iD Mobile App along with it being enabled in your phone itself?

Could you possibly try turning the phone off, taking the SIM out.
Restarting the Phone (without the SIM in).
Then turning the phone off and popping the SIM back in. This would force your phone sometimes to refresh it's settings.
Hi Kevin, yes, yes and yes! Tried going through this rigmarole last year a number of times when in France and in Spain (with Mohammed) No luck then!
Even tried the resetting of the phone (and losing stored passwords) - not doing that again😱

OK chaps, we have success🤔 I really don't know what I have done, except try all options (except resetting the phone) several times.

Turned off Roaming on iD Mobile site, turned off Roaming on iPhone. Turned off phone!
Turned on phone without iD SIM. Inserted SIM found Movistar network, turned phone off! Turned on phone, turned on roaming on phone. Had to find WiFi network to access my iD Mobile Account and turned Roaming on!

I did this probably three times all, and all of a sudden, data roaming a success👍

Let's hope it stays this way (has taken over a year to get sorted😱) I am now hoping it works when I get back to the UK🤔
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Hi @Freda Checks,

I am very glad that this is now working for you! I'm also unsure on what you have done, but the method you have used has definitely changed something with how the device connects when abroad!

Let us know how it goes though so we can keep track of things here.

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Hi my dAta is not working as i am currently in spain- i have data roaming on and it randomly stopped working even though i have a unltd data. I have tried to contact via phone and live chat for the last hour and i keep getting hung up on and no one replies via live chat except for a robot. 

i need access immediately! 

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Hello @Satareh23,

Can you just clarify, the services were working fine and then stopped working all of a sudden?

We did have an outage with data, I don’t know if that applied to out of UK usage though.

The issue only affected some customers and has been fixed so a restart would resolve this.


Can you clarify if you were previously using data in Spain?





currently in US and having exactly the same problem. Have been in Europe couple months ago and everything worked fine. Now I can call and text but no data. I have Iphone SE snd it is on id network since being new. I have roaming switched on in both the phone and the id app. Any idea what went wrong and how to fix it?


Why iD Mobile?