phone stopped receiving phone calls while in Spain

  • 21 January 2021
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I've been with iD since last October and have had no issues. Since last week I have been unable to receive phone calls. I can make them and still send and receive texts. I'm stuck in Spain and have missed important calls from the bank.

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6 replies

Hi PandC. In a way I'm glad someone else is having the same problem. Was thinking it was something I had done. Hopefully we can resolve. I'll keep you posted if I have any joy. 

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Yes please any help from anyone would be useful, it is not our phones I have tried the sim in other phones and the problem still exists, we have rechecked and rechecked all the settings all are good, the only common thing is the SIM or ID mobile having a problem, what that problem is we dont know, but ID mobile have had these problems with other customers before, some posts 2 years back, and i have found other links to similar issues on the web. Yes we keep each other informed as to progress. thanks.

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Any news or update on this problem our phones still not receiving calls. Never t sure what ID mobile techs are doing. We are supposed to get an update later today? We are not holding our breath on this. This experience is not good for customers. Anybody got any updates on this subject.

Hi PandC.  My phone is working now. I received a call from a Spanish number which I was able to answer so I texted the UK and got someone to call me and it rang and connected.  I hope you get yours sorted. Good luck. Stay safe 😁

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Sounds very good, I will check my phone and my wife's. I am so pleased you are back on line during these very difficult times. As I wrote on the site, I have been with ID Mobile for about 5 years and never had a problem. Take care. we hope to be back in UK as soon as we can get things sorted here, but not so simple due to the many issues and restrictions with Covid.

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We’re sincerely sorry for not having caught this topic sooner @PandC, @Tonih 

One thing to check first of all. 

Ensure that in your phone’s settings you delete any profiles left from previous networks.

If you are able to change your APN settings, then make sure they are a match with what we have here:


If you can manually select a network to connect to whilst in Spain.  Make it “Yoigo”.

Ensure International Roaming is enabled in both your iD Mobile App (or your account online) along with it being enabled within your phone.


Let us know if you’re still having problems after ensuring the above things are in place.