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  • 19 March 2021
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My SIM card: xxxxxxxxx - does not work.


What is happening? I am abroud and the Roming is switched on. 

But still the SIM does not work and I can not get the calls or call myself. 

I have been paying by Direct Debit and if the matter will not be corrected in two days I will stop the payment. Why should I pay for somthing that does not work? 


Please correct adn activate my SIm number. I amd abroud and dont will not travel to London yet. But the SIM card should be corrected asap. 




9 replies

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Hello @laraarakel 


How long have you been using your SIM outside of the UK?

Which country are you currently in?

Have you got Roaming turned on in the iD app/account settings?



iD Mobile 

Yes, I had the roaming turned  ON on my account. settings.

I am in Armenia  and Nagorno Karabakh area. 

I am paying for line every month by DD. 

But the phone does not work. I dont recive sms or can call. 


Please do correct the situation, otherwise it is not point for me to pay for the service that your company does not provide


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Hi @laraarakel 

Armenia is not included in our Inclusive Roaming Plans so you will be charged for roaming whilst there. The table below shows how much it costs to make calls, send texts and use data from Armenia:

Roaming Pay monthly Pay-as-you-go
Calls to UK* £6.00 £6.00
Calls to Armenia* £6.00 £6.00
Calls received* £2.40 £2.40
Texts to Armenia** £1.20 £1.20
Texts to UK** £1.20 £1.20
Picture message (MMS) sent** £0.60 £0.60
Internet and Data (per MB)*** £15.00 £15.00

* Price per minute

** Price per message/text

*** Data is charged or deducted in one kilobyte (KB) increments and any part KB used will be rounded up to the nearest KB


You may have a spending cap in place which is why you are unable to make calls and send texts, if you are happy to pay the charges above for making calls and texting, then we would advise increasing your spend Cap through the iD Mobile app.


I do not wish to change my monthly plan that I already signed on. 

I will continue to pay only the charges for each call or message I will do. 


So, NO price increase on my mobile phone that I acctually did not use for almost 9 months, but keep [paying DD. 


I believe I am clear. Only payment for the calls as used to be.

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Hi @laraarakel 

As advised in my previous message, Armenia is not included in our Inclusive Roaming Plans so you will be charged for roaming whilst there.


I understand that I will be charged but could you please switch on the phone. 

It is switched off 

Does nt work for three and more months ASAP

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Hi @laraarakel,

Have you only experienced those issues since going abroad?

You may need to enable the international/roaming feature within your account. Please log in online or use our app to enable this. If you need further help after trying that, please let us know.


I you joking. For four months I ahve been trying to find out why the mobile does not work at all and you are telling me now to get in touch with the company? It is switiched on the International Roaming for more than 6-8 months but for the last 3-4 months it does not work 


I requist investigation other wise I will apply to Ombdasman

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