Roaming not working in South Korea

  • 10 November 2020
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I’m seeking help to enable my iPhone 7 (iOS 14.2 - the latest one) to roam in South Korea.  Last time I visited Korea, it automatically began to roam as soon as I arrived.  But this time, it is not working at all.  I’ve read all the previous questions and answers and followed whatever I could.  Yet, none of them helped.  


What I did but not worked are: 

Enabled Roaming on Mobile Data. 

Delete existing profiles on Settings->General->Profiles

Reset all the settings on my iPhone. 


Can anyone help me to connect to my phone again?  I need to receive few verification codes to my UK phone while I am here, and its roaming failures is causing pain.  Please somebody help me from this issue!  Many thanks in advance!





9 replies

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Hi @syl0802 How are you? 

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with setting up Roaming on your device. I can see from your reply that you have read our articles and past questions on this issue (which is great by the way!).

I was just wondering if this Roaming article was one that you have read, as it has quite a detailed approach to setting up/resolving Roaming issues which may help you.

Failing the steps in this article, let me know and I can see what can be done to help. 



Did this ever get resolved? I’ve been having the same issue

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Hello @Damo,

Are you currently abroad in South Korea or a different country?



Hi @Mohammed 


I am currently in South Korea. I had service on my first night here however ever since I have had no signal. 

I have ensured that roaming is enabled in both the id app and phone settings. I haven’t reached my extra usage cap. I have tried a reset of my network settings. None of these have made a difference.

I have network selection set to default, so my phone is trying to use the SKTelecom network.



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Hi there @Damo 

“KTF” is the network I believe you’d want to be using when in South Korea, so if you can manually select a network, please try that one.

Roaming in Korea would be chargeable, so if you’ve hit your “Spending Cap”, then you might need to go into your iD Mobile App and increase the spending cap to be able to continue use out there.

Generally speaking, it would be better to buy a local Pay As You Go SIM if you’re looking to use mobile data a lot over there.

Hi @Kevin,


KTF hasn’t existed in South Korea for a few years, I believe it merged into KT so presumably I should still get service with KT? I’ve been connected to the KT network for a few days now and still have 0 bars of signal. I’m not worried about using data but I do want to receive verification codes.


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Hi @Damo 

That might be a typo then on our international partner networks list we go off (re: that merger).


Are any other calls or messages coming through ok?  Have you been able to send messages?  Do you know if you’ve perhaps hit your spending cap limit currently?  (You can usually find that out in the iD Mobile App).

If you need more urgent assistance, ​​​and have Facebook or Twitter access over there (whilst on WiFi)?

If so, the quickest way we could investigate and help you with this would be through either our official Facebook or Twitter pages.

Or you could try our Live Chat Team:



I just moved to South Korea a week ago now. No ‘welcome to South Korea roaming text’, not receiving any texts, cant send text, cant make calls, cant receive calls. I have roaming on on my phone and also on the ID mobile app.

I have £13.44 left of my £25 extra uses cap (for some reason you are still charging me ‘extra use’ even though have zero signal or anything).

I have tried changing ‘Set preferred network type’ on *#*#4636#*#* and nothing.

I have tried manually selecting ‘Network Operators’ on my android phone and nothing

Your “Launch Live Chat” button is not working on any browser I have tried. I tried to call you from skype but all the number direct you to the website. I cant message you, I cant email you. Its incredibly frustrating.

I also want to change my contract to PAYG but I have no way of doing that at all.


Please can you help me?


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Hello @MartinO,

It’s not possible to change to a PAYG contract and our services are not set-up for permanent roaming abroad.

Are you sure the extra usage charges were incurred from roaming or via other charges prior?

What happens when you try searching for networks, what networks show up from the list?