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SIM worked in iPad Mini in the UK but not in France?

  • 26 June 2022
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I recently purchased a SIM-only package from you with unlimited monthly data. I am using this SIM in my cellular iPad Mini (latest model) and everything worked fine in the UK. I came to France yesterday and now the iPad won’t connect to mobile data here at all, despite me trying in several different areas of the country. I have also been through all of the settings in the iPad (a number of times!) and all appears to be as it should be.

My friend who is with me also has an ID SIM in her Samsung phone and her data connection has been fine ever since we got here.

She has also got a Vodafone UK SIM with her and so we just tried swapping SIMs to see what happened. With her Vodafone SIM, my iPad connected to mobile data immediately and the speed seemed good. However, with my ID SIM in her device she was equally unable to connect to any mobile data. She was able to use it to make a standard voice call though.

In summary it seems to only be the data part of my ID SIM which isn’t working, but I need to get it resolved very quickly as I will be relying on it for the majority of our trip here. 

Do you have any thoughts please?





4 replies

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Have you turned roaming ON in your iD My Account online?

In addition, the unlimited data allowance won’t apply when you’re roaming either.

Check the iD Mobile “Fair usage & open data policies” page for full details.


Yes, both ‘Roaming’ and ‘International’ are switched to ‘On’ on my online account dashboard (I just double-checked it).

And yes, no problem re the unlimited data not applying to roaming - but even just some data would be great…!!



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Okay @benjo_78,

The iD roaming partners in France are: BYTEL or BOUYGTEL, Free Mobile, and Orange.

Have you looked at the “What are iD Mobile’s network settings?” community article?

Can you try your friend’s iD SIM in your iPad mini?
That might provide some clues - you might have a problem with your iD SIM card or your iD network account.

Good luck.


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Hi @benjo_78 


I don’t see any particular reason why it wouldn’t work while abroad, especially while you have roaming and international turned on in the iD Mobile App, have you been able to try the SIM in a mobile device that is supported by us? We don’t officially support the iPad Mini so even though it worked in the UK my only assumption currently is it wouldn’t work because we don’t officially support it. Please see our full list of supported devices here.




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