Why doesnt ID include Switzerland?

  • 28 January 2021
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ID runs on a network that provides inclusive roaming to Switzerland, so why don't they follow suit? It costs nothing for ID - except for the crazy amounts ID customers pay to them for being in one particular location right slap bang in the middle of Europe.


Don't try the standard line that they don't have to and post the list! Let's discuss the reasons why they would do this in 2021. European countries are no different to Switzerland now from a British perspective. Coverage continues though! 

I have family there and now feel cut off from them as calls are £££. I can forget using ID mobile in Switzerland! I'm trapped in a contract that will cost me thousands if I do. 

How about you? Let's discuss the reasons why ID mobile could include this for their locked down and stressed customers. 


4 replies

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Hi @Zerobb,

I understand that you want to discuss our network to begin offering roaming in Switzerland but unfortunately, it just comes down to only being able to offer inclusive roaming to EU countries.

As Switzerland is not an EU member, we cannot offer inclusive roaming in that destination and this isn’t due to change now that the UK is also outside of the EU.

I’m sorry I can’t give a more favourable response.


Thanks for offering up a line of defence.

The network ID runs on offers free roaming to Switzerland, as do most others. It's so common I didn't even check. Now I'm stuck! This has already cost me 80 pounds in one week. 


So the 'we cannot offer' is misleading. ID *can* offer it but don't. No legal or technical obstacle whatsoever. 


So why not? For discussion:

1) low cost low feature supplier - you get what you pay for

2) no demand - Switzerland is at the centre of Europe? 

3) make good margins from customers on these omissions from coverage - hmm


Which is it? 

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Hi @Zerobb 


We understand your disappointment and are sorry we could not have provided the answer you had been hoping for. 



iD Mobile 

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Hi @Zerobb,

We have no obligation to include this country in our inclusive roaming list due to it being outside of the EU and although Three may offer free roaming when in Switzerland, this doesn’t mean that we are also able to follow their practices and offer everything that they can.

As Switzerland is not within the EU, there is nothing to confirm that it does not cost us if our customers use services in that country so again, we have no obligation to offer free roaming there.

We understand your frustration with this situation and we apologise again that we cannot offer a more favourable outcome.