I changed my plan because I saw a cheaper one. Now I am afraid I have locked in for another 2 years

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I am over a year into a 2 year contract. I was looking for help when I came across a plan for the same unlimited phone, text, and data which was more than £10 cheaper. I switch to the new plan, but I didn’t realize at the time I might be locking into another 2 year contract. I read somewhere that I can return to my original plan after 31 days. Is that right? And how do I change back? Do I have to wait 31 days? Why was this not made clear to me, instead it was hidden in the small print?

Answers welcome, thanks.

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Hi there,

Don’t worry, you are not locked into another 2 years, you have just changed your plan.

Do you still wish to change back? Any options available for you to switch will show in your app. 

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Thank you 

  • Siân,

  • It’s good to know I am not locked in again. I tried to check how many months I have left to go on my 2 year contract, but I could only find the cost of leaving now. Where can I find out how many months I have left on my contract please?

  • Thank you