Keeping Old Phone Number After Upgrade

  • 3 June 2021
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I have upgraded my contract with ID Mobile and I would like to keep my old sim card with the old number. However, the new upgrade with the extra data has not automatically updated on my old sim. 

After researching some topics on this website I noted that if you get a new contract then the old sim won’t upgrade and you have to use the new one. However, I have logged into my account to check that I do not have two contracts open with ID Mobile, which I do not. All my texts/emails from ID have also highlighted that I have an upgrade. When I initially bought the upgrade, it quite clearly said upgrade in the checkout and not new contract. 

Any idea on how I can get the old sim to update with the new upgrade information? 



1 reply

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Hello @NJM,

If you upgraded, then when you log into the iD app/account your new plan should be showing but your old number still remains.

We always send a new SIM with upgrades so simply head to activate this.


Let us know if you have any issues.