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switching to a sim only deal

  • 2 March 2022
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My son is currently on a contracted phone  with you which comes to an end on 21/03/2022  however when I go on my account to upgrade  to change to a sim only deal it gives me options of a higher value, I would like the 30 day rolling contract for £6 a month. Please provide instructions of how to do this. I wish to keep the same number 


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1 reply

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Hey @Ewanandrew,

SIM only deals only show in the last 20-30 days of your contract.

When you say it only shows higher value plans, do you mean you can’t see any SIM only plan lower than the one you wanted (£6.00) or are you advising the SIM only options are higher than what you are paying.

e.g. if you were on £20.00 a month for the handset contract and claiming the SIM only deals shown are all £20.00 or higher.




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