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Upgrading contract more expensive then new contract?

  • 12 August 2020
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I recently got told I can upgrade my phone, after looking I found a phone I liked. The problem is, upgrading my phone will cost more then to start a new contract with you. Is there any way around that?


NEW: 20.99 per month for 50gb data + unlimited calls. vs UPGRADE: 17.99 per month with a 9.99 upfront cost for 500mb data + 250 calls?

12 replies

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Hi there @rvdpker 

How much does the 50gb in question cost via upgrade? and what phone is it you’re looking at upgrading to?

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Hey Kevin, thanks for getting back to me.

For upgrade it is:

£30.99 per month (24 months plan)£9.99 upfront cost I only mentioned the 50gb and 500mb plans since it was the “recommended” plans on each page.The phone is the ‘Huawei P30 Lite New’.
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Hello @rvdpker,

Are you comparing both prices for the P30 Lite New and not 1 for the P30 Lite and 1 for the P30 Lite New?


I know that upgrade prices may sometimes be higher than new contract deals, this is common as with other networks.

Upgrades don’t require a credit check and so can order and we’ll just send out the phone and process the plan, whereas new contracts are a new term, requiring an additional credit check and you can’t port from the iD network to another iD plan.


Head to the upgrade page for the P30 Lite and view all deals, then let us know what this says.

As I said above, the upgrade prices would still be slightly higher, but happy to look at it if it seems oddly high.


You can include a screenshot here also.




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Thank you for replying.



The phones are exactly the same, the only difference being the (upgrade) in the title. Along with the different pricing of course.

I understand what you’re saying but it makes no sense to charge your existing customers more when there is no credit check needed. A few other phones are also cheaper for new customers comparing it to upgrading. It’s almost like you’re trying to get rid of your existing customers, for whatever reason that may be.

These plans are for new customers:

These plans are to upgrade:


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The pictures didn’t come through @rvdpker, Would you mind trying again please?



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Hi @rvdpker, the cheaper option there only comes with 250 minutes, where as the more expensive one has unlimited. That would be the reason it costs more.



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Hi Will.

I can see that but that is not the only reason it’s cheaper. The thing I’m complaining about is this:

Why do I have to pay an upfront cost and then £10 extra a month by staying with you and upgradinng my contract?

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Hi @rvdpker, it’s just that sometimes it’s better to be a new customer, sometimes it’s better when you’re upgrading.


I’m sorry the deal you’ve seen on this occasion benefits those new to iD Mobile.



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Okay, thanks for letting me know how you treat loyal customers.

Okay, thanks for letting me know how you treat loyal customers.

With you on this, rip off prices to stay. Wont be upgrading and looking for a supplier that gives a hoot about loyalty, they can stick with bill dodgers 

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Good luck finding a company that is loyal to you. You have to play the game! If an upgrade deal is poor then switch networks or do the porting dance and port out and back in as a new customer.


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