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Account log in issues

  • 28 February 2019
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I haven't been able to log in to my account for several months, so am unable to view my bills. Not only that, when I attempt to change my user name/password or whatever, the site just doesn't respond to anything I do. I am a bit of a technophobe, but if the site doesn't respond to anything I try, what can the problem be?

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15 replies

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Hi @Sophia Phoenix 


We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account, so we can discuss your issue further.


To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’.


Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:


We’ll see you there.



Hello there,

I have the same problem, I cannot log in to my account, and I can’t change the password neither nothing works.

And there is no cache as the phone is new.

How can we talk to someone in order to fix the issue?


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Hi @Daniel Hicks,


We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account so we can discuss your issue further.

To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’.

Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:

We’ll see you there.


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I’ve tried the above. Your log in system is broken. I’m logging in with my email and password which I always have. I reset it and tried again - no luck. I reset it again to the same password I just used and it says you cannot change password to your current password…. So it is obviously the correct email and password but the log in doesn’t work. This is the main ID website not the app. Ridiculous issue. Thinking about leaving ID because of it, their app and system are clearly terrible.

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Hi @Colin36r 


Please could you try clearing the cache and cookies from your web browser and try again.

Let us know if the error still appears and we’ll be able to investigate further.





iD Mobile 


I'm unable to login to my app or online keeps giving me this error for the app

Unable to connect please check network settings used


Online I put my details in press login and it wipes my details out 

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Hi @michaellane 

I have sent you a private message with more information. 



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I cannot create a new password as the e-mail that comes to my e-mail address from the Forgotten Password submission does not contain fields / screen for creating a new password.


Please ring me on 07443-594188


Michael Lane

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@cgbyles probably completely unrelated but my issue happens a few times every month and I too cannot login, very unresponsive site... then my attention is drawn to the fact cookies play a big part in keeping sites working.....

So I clear all the cookies and data for the site and hey-presto it works fine again till the next time!

Might fix it for someone?
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that's all a load of bollocks I have the same problem over and over again service is absolute crap they just not interested just keep taking your money if your not satisfied go some where else nice attitude
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Hi Dave,

Thank you for your message, it does clarify a lot of aspects for us. The billing cap may be set to say £5 for instance, but if you have made any premium texts within the last month, it may have been used up to the point that you can't send the text any more so we'll need to look at this on your account. We'll also need to check that everything on the account is correct in order for you to log in online.

We'd like to try and help you further with the above, but we would need some personal details in order to locate your account so please can you send an email to our team with your full name, full address, mobile number and date of birth? 

Thank you,

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Hi Ryan,

It turned out that the scam was actually just spam, by a company called LottoGo, which eventually turned out to be the trading name of Annexio, based in the Isle of Man.

I had been occasionally going in for that ITV competition, whereby you had to text a five figure number with the word CASH to enter, at £2 + text cost per entry, to win perhaps £100,000.

All of a sudden, I got this LottoGo thing popping up continually, which I thought at first glance was the ITV people contacting me by text, so I entered. However, every time you entered, a message in red lettering popped up saying 'Not sent. Tap to try again'. If you did so, the message would just pop up again, continuously.

I got rid of the spam eventually, by contacting their dpo officer, but it took a while. Now however, even when I try to enter the genuine ITV competition, the same message keeps popping up on that. I was told it may be because of a low billing cap, but if that were so, why did it not occur before the advent of this wretched LottoGo thing? I had entered the ITV original a number of times before without issues?

So now you see my problem. I cant get onto my account online to check whether the wretched spam thing has taken loads of money, thereby locking up my phone by going over my spend cap!

The site to view my account is locked/dead immediately. I try to log in by entering my user name (or my email, tried both ways) and my password. It allows me to type the words in, but when I click on send (or submit or whatever it is on your site)….. nothing happens.

If I click on 'forgotten my password/user name' and enter my details as required, and try to send that, nothing happens, no reaction at all....and nothing arrives in my email or spam folders just isn't working for me!

Can I please start all over again somehow, register again with new user name/password and delete the old version? I really do need to get into my account, it's very frustrating and worrying.

Best regards,

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Hi @debege,

I am sorry for any confusion that may have arisen from my reply. Your username for our account website listed above is a different thing altogether than the username that you use on this website to log into the community with; you may have chosen the same username spelling, but they are still different entities and I thought that it might need to be recovered as sometimes an email address is used instead.

It's strange that the site is 'dead' when you do try and log in because we have no reported issues at this time; have you tried using a different device to see if this helps? Also, at which point do you get to during the reset process before it stops working?

The PIN code is set automatically using the phone number and the bank account number, so you will not have set this yourself, however it can be changed to something more memorable if required?

In regards to the virus/scam, what seems to be happening when it appears? Is it a full screen that appears on the phone or is the scam conducted via a phone call or text message?

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Hi Ryan,

That is all very nice, but …...

(a) you already have my username, it's debege….you put it at the top of your reply to my question, so why would I need to recover it?

(b) when I go on to that website and enter my username and attempt to log in with that + my password, which I have written in my little black book, it doesn't respond. If I just type in my username, and then attempt to reset my password, again, no response….it's like the site is dead.

(d) when I phone that 'live' chat team, they require my PIN number, apparently comprised of the last two numbers of the bank account I used to set up the account, and the last two digits of my phone number. I have no idea what bank account I used, and I don't recall EVER setting up a PIN using those numbers .

Not only that, none of the options I am offered on this 'Live' chat thing actually fit my issue. I cannot access my account online, and there is nothing in the options to deal with that.

On top of all that, I appear to have some sort of virus/scam going on with my phone, so I really do need help. Sadly, your company has seen fit to close all of the local carphone warehouse shops in my area, and as a pensioner who doesn't drive....that is problematic!

So, now what?
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Hi @debege,

The first thing to try would be to visit our website: and then to recover your username first of all. Once you have this, you can then attempt to reset your password to enable you to log in.

If you have any further issues then we will need to access your mobile account to assist further, and this can be done easily by contacting our Live Chat team here.



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