Can't register or get my sim pin

  • 9 September 2018
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I've tried the app, and the website, with both my old and new phone number and it won't let me register my account.
When I put my sim card, from ID, into my phone, it asks for a pin number. But I can't find a pin number anywhere in the docs and I haven't received any emails with a pin either.
How am I supposed to use my phone if I'm locked out of it by a pin I don't know?

5 replies

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Hello @Bachmann,

The PIN you're being asked for when you put the SIM in your phone is a different PIN for if you're trying to register your account.

Can you send a screenshot/picture of the exact message you're getting?

This can either be:

If the phone is locked and needs to be unlocked
If you've blocked the SIM, in which case, we can provide you with a PUK code to unblock this.

I have the same problem as registered above. I have registered my account and it shows that my old number has been transferred to my Id Mobile account. However, I am being asked for a Pin number and have not had a pin confirmed. The screen on my mobile shows "SIM Network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK. My old number can not be used with this phone and re-inserting my Vodaphone SIM does not allow me to connect. Please revert soonest as I have no working mobile phone. Use my google mail account to respond.
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Hi @r c minton

We'll need some further details from you to be able to provide you with that PUK code.

Please could you contact either our Live Chat Team here:

If you're emailing us, please include in the message your iD Mobile community username, your full name, address, mobile number, and date of birth.


sim is blocked but app shows its active. hit block sim in app and app continues to show sim active but sim remains blocked. The blocked sim is my teen sons phone sim. I phoned and spoke with ID before you locked down and asked ID to block it coz of bad behaviour. I was told I could unblock from my app. However it remains blocked

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Hello @Grantinka, I’ve responded to your other post.