Lost phone and forgotten password

  • 1 March 2021
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Hi. I have lost my phone and forgotten my iD password so am locked out of my usual account - this is a new account created to ask this question. 

In a few days my contract will expire and I would like to request a PAC code to keep my new number from a new phone from a different network. Am I able to do this without a new phone and locked out of my account? If not, is there another way I can log back into my account? 

Many thanks,

T Jones



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3 replies

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Hi @TJones02,

We’re sorry to hear about that. PAC codes can only be obtained if you have access to the account/SIM so we would need to supply the code to you in other ways.

You can contact our Live Chat Team here for help with getting a PAC code in your current situation.

Let us know how that goes and if you need our further support.


The Live Chat was unable to tell me how I would get a PAC code in my situation - are you able to help me get back into my account? 


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Hello @TJones02,

Sorry to hear that.

I’ll send you a PM and we can get you a PAC code to you.