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  • 1 June 2021
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My wife has a plan (50gb data, unlimited mins, unlimited texts) with unlimited minutes but has just received a text stating that she has reached her minutes limit. On her account it states that she has used 303mins & that she has unlimited minutes left. Why has this text been sent & can she still make calls without being charged 40p/minute?


1 reply

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Hello @paulfr,


Did the text advise she reached a cap or the minutes limit?

The reason I ask is in the past I have spoken to a few customers who advised it was a cap text and this was because they were calling non inclusive numbers (084 or 087).

If it’s advised minutes, then can you confirm if she’s just recently taken this plan or upgraded to this plan?

When you upgrade/plan change to an unlimited plan, during that billing month, your old allowances are still in effect but a separate basket is applied for the unlimited ones.

When the old allowances are finished, you get the text advising minutes reached but the unlimited allowances kick in right away.