What is Wi-Fi Calling?

  • 30 July 2021
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Want consistently clear, uninterrupted catch-ups with friends and family? With iD Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature, it’s easy. Here’s our step by step guide on what Wi-Fi calling is and how to set it up:

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is a new iD Mobile service that lets you make and receive calls using a Wi-Fi network. You can also send text messages through the same Wi-Fi network. 

Indoor blackspots can stop you getting connected, but with Wi-Fi Calling that's no longer a problem. It gives you clearer calls, in more places than ever before. 

To use WiFi Calling, just follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure you have access to Wi-Fi 
    Wi-Fi Calling will work when you are unable to connect to either a 3G or 4G network and have a minimum of 2MB speed 

  1. Check that your phone is compatible 

  1. Make sure your software is up to date 
    Update your phone's software (if needed) and accept the latest carrier settings (for iPhone users). 

  1. Switch on Wi-Fi Calling in your phone settings if necessary 

What is the difference between 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling?

4G Calling allows you to make and take calls over a 4G network. In contrast, Wi-Fi Calling with iD Mobile lets you make and take calls using a wireless internet connection. With Wi-Fi calling way you can make calls when you’re on the go, without having to worry about whether or not you can get a signal, as long as you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.  

Does Wi-Fi Calling come out of my allowances?

Yes. When you use the Wi-Fi Calling feature, it will come out of your monthly allowance of minutes. If you don’t have any minutes left in your allowance, you will be charged at our usual out-of-plan rates for any additional minutes you use.   

You will also be charged at our out-of-plan rates if you made a call that’s not covered by your monthly allowances of minutes. These include international calls or premium calls such as TV competitions and chat lines.  

Can I use Wi-Fi Calling abroad?

No, unfortunately, you cannot use Wi-Fi Calling when you’re aboard. It’s for domestic use only.  

How do I update my phone software to get Wi-Fi Calling?

In order to get Wi-Fi Calling on your phone, you need to make sure your software is up to date. We recommend that you backup your phone’s memory before you implement any software updates. This is just to make sure that everything’s safe and you don’t lose any files during the update.  

How do I enable ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ on a compatible Apple handset?

If your iPhone is on our Wi-Fi Calling compatible list, use the following steps to get set up:

  • Make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • If you haven’t already, download the latest iOS update (iOS 15.2).
  • Accept the new carrier settings as part of the update process.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Calling using the guide below:

Step 1: Open the Settings app





















Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Phone















Step 3: Tap on Wi-Fi Calling

















Step 4: If Wi-Fi Calling is Off, tap on the Slider button once








Step 5: Wi-Fi Calling Pop-up will appear. Tap Enable















Step 6: Wi-Fi Calling is now enabled (slider will now be green):









Tip: The grey text highlighted above will state that you’ll be using your ‘Three account’ when making Wi-Fi Calls. Don’t worry, this is correct. iD Mobile uses Three’s Network, which is why it says Three.

How do I know that Wi-Fi Calling is working when I make calls?

There’s an easy trick to check if Wi-FI Calling is working when making a call.

For iPhone, the text ‘Wi-Fi’ will appear between your network name and the Wi-Fi logo at the top left of your screen during a call. If you don’t see this during a call, repeat the previous steps to turn Wi-Fi Calling on.





For android, the Wi-Fi Calling icon will appear at the top right of your screen whilst making a call.





Why do my Wi-Fi Calls keep dropping off?

Dropped Wi-Fi calls are most commonly the result of poor Wi-Fi coverage or speeds.

If you’re using Wi-Fi Calling because your 4G signal is already poor, this will mean that when you do experience a drop off in Wi-Fi speed or coverage, your call hasn’t got a strong enough mobile network to fall back on and the call is forced to end.

The best way to improve your Wi-Fi speed and coverage at home is by moving your Wi-Fi Router to a central location in the house. This should reduce dead spots and ensure that your broadband speed remain consistent. If you’re still experiencing issues, get in touch with your broadband provider.

I am using Wi-Fi Calling but the call quality is still bad? 

There are a few possible reasons why you’re still experiencing poor call quality, but the two most common reasons are:

1. You are calling over 3rd party apps like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Facebook.

These third party apps don’t offer the same audio and voice quality as Wi-Fi calls made using your phone’s built in ‘Phone/Call’ feature. Try using the ‘Phone’ feature instead of third party apps.

2. Your Wi-Fi Network is experiencing issues or your house has Wi-Fi blackspots.

It’s common for people to experience Wi-Fi issues, even if they have a service that promises strong speeds and full house coverage. Click here to take a free Wi-Fi speed test. We recommend you do multiple tests throughout the house, most importantly in the rooms you call from the most. 

If you find any rooms that show no connection or speeds slower than expected, these are known as Wi-Fi blackspots. As we mentioned earlier, the best way to resolve this is by moving your Wi-Fi router. If you find that Wi-Fi speeds remain inconsistent, or don’t match what your plan promises, contact your broadband provider. Click here for a guide on where to position Wi-Fi Routers.

Is it safe to use Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling on Android phones and iPhones is perfectly safe. Your mobile carrier (iD Mobile) will typically encrypt your voice data, even if you’re using an unsecured Wi-Fi Network. So, chat away with peace of mind!

Will Wi-Fi Calling be available on any other smartphones soon?

We’re working hard to add more smartphones to be able to use our Wi-Fi Calling feature. Keep an eye on this page as we’ll update it every time a new handset gets Wi-Fi Calling.  

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