Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

The following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) set out information regarding your rights, obligations and restrictions when using https://community.idmobile.co.uk/ (the “Community”).

Any reference to “our”, “us” or “we” means iD Mobile Limited (CRN 09304672). Any reference to “your” or “you”, associates to you as the user of the Community.

By using and accessing the Community you agree to these Terms of Use. By using the Community you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with any section of the Terms of Use then you should immediately leave the Community and cease using it.

Please note that we may change or amend these Terms of Use at any time. These changes will be posted on the Community and it is your responsibility to check for these changes which are made.

The Community is only allowed for those aged 13 years and over. By using the Community you are confirming that you are aged 13 years and over. If you are under the age of 18, you must have parental or guardian consent to use the Community. We reserve the right to check your age.

2. Community user guidelines

The Community is provided to enable users to communicate, send and receive messages and post content related to our products and services.

You must not post or use this Community in any way that is:

  1. sexist, homophobic, racist or discriminatory;
  2. pornographic, obscene, vulgar or contains swearing;
  3. harmful, abusive, threatening, or to create annoyance(i.e. “Spamming”) to any person using the Community, including to any of our staff;
  4. defamatory to any person, entity or establishment;
  5. offensive in our reasonable opinion;
  6. infringes rights (not limited to intellectual property rights) of any legal or natural individual;
  7. infringes any local, national, or international law or which incites or encourages others to break any such law;
  8. relates to management of business, including advertising;
  9. impersonating or attempting to impersonate another person, not dependant on whether the person is a user or not;
  10. posting or sending any Material (as defined in Section 5) or content you do not have the right to post;
  11. likely to cause or produce any damage to the Community or servers, systems, or any third parties by trying to access data or a user’s data or to breach the Community’s security;
  12. using the Community to host, post or anyway infringe on copyright, trademark, patents, trade secrets or any other rights of another party;
  13. violating privacy of a person/organisation/company including (not limited to) posting information about location or contact details.

3. Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out the standards we expect users to follow when using our Community.


  • post in English;
  • keep the threads related to the topic. Start a new thread if the conversation changes;
  • search the Community before posting a question. The answer may already be there;
  • do share what you know. It may help others; and
  • take care when deciding whether to follow another user’s advice, it make not always solve your issue.

Please do not:

  • post anything on the forum that you wouldn’t expect someone to say to you;
  • disrespect any other users with anything which is offensive, abusive or threatening, or contains racist, homophobic, sexist and pornographic content. This also includes swearing;
  • disrespect anyone’s social status, political views or anyone’s mental or physical illness or impairment;
  • post any personal details or information relating to you or another person, like email addresses, bank details, home addresses or phone numbers;
  • impersonate another person or another user that isn’t yourself. Trying to access another person’s account without permission is also not allowed;
  • post any links to our Community which contain or reference illegal software, pornographic content or other objectable content or material; and
  • spam or exercise spamming (sending the same message a repeated number of times) or troll (posting material in desire to create or stir arguments).
  • Deliberately provide incorrect or misleading information regarding us, our products and services.

4. Submissions

To participate as a user on the Community you have to register at https://community.idmobile.co.uk/. Any personal information you give as part of this registration process and/or any other interaction with us will be collected, stored and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If at any time you feel insulted by material posted by any user on the Community or see content you feel is inappropriate or not in line with these Terms of Use please report this on the community page. If we agree that the content should be removed, it may take a day or two for the content to be removed.

We may review the Material you submit to our Community. If we believe (in our absolute discretion) that you have violated our Terms of Use, we will remove or alter the relevant Material. We may also (in our absolute discretion) limit, suspend or ban your account. The decision we make is final. We also reserve the right to report to the relevant authorities any Material posted on the Community which we deem illegal.

You acknowledge and agree that by posting on the Community your post and comments can be traced by us to your specific user account containing your email address, user name, date and time of sign up and IP address at the date and time of posting.

Although we may remove outdated material on the Community, you acknowledge and agree that information provided iD team is correct at the time of posting. You are advised to check the date of a post before you rely on the advice provided in a post.

5. Ownership of Content

Any images, content, information, ideas or material you post or make available on the Community (“Material”) is owned by you. You remain responsible for your Material at all times. You warrant that you own all the intellectual property rights in and have all necessary permissions to post your Material. By submitting and posting your Material, you agree to grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, edit, publish, translate, create derivative work of, distribute, make available to the public, and reproduce your Material and/or to incorporate your Material in other works in any media now known or later developed. By submitting your Material you agree to waive all moral rights in the Material. We may (without notice to you) grant the same or other rights in respect to your Material to third parties without payment to you. Where we exercise our rights under this section 5 in respect of your Material you will not receive any compensation or payment.

There is no commitment or compulsion to use your Material and therefore we can remove it any time.

The logos, names and images used in the Community characterising to us, our companies, our partners or other third parties within the Community that are associated with our services and amenities may not be used by you without permission.

We will delete any posts purporting to advertise products and/or services.

6. Liability

Use of the Community is entirely at your own risk. We and other Community users cannot be held responsible for any action you take as a result of published content on the Community. We do not actively monitor, control or endorse any material posted by users of the Community.

We reserve the right to temporarily suspend the Community or any part of the Community. There are also times where circumstances out of our control can affect our Community. We shall not be held liable for the unavailability of the Community. We make the Community available on a ‘when available’ basis, and cannot promise the availability of the website.

Users of the Community may include references or links to other websites beyond our control. We cannot be held responsible for the content of such websites. Any links to third party websites from the Community do not amount to any endorsement of that website any use of that website is at your own risk.

The opinions and views posted on the Community are not held to reflect ours (unless posted by our iD team.

We are not responsible for any material posted by other users of the Community or for the availability or content of third party websites accessed through a post on the Community.

Nothing in these Terms of Use will:

  • Violate your rights as a statutory consumer; or
  • Limit our liability for death or injury as a result of our negligence or for fraud.

7. Other

All of our Terms of Use are formed in accordance with English Law. If any of our Terms of Use are held to be invalid by any law, regulation, or rule by any government or finial decision by a jurisdiction, the invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of other sections which will remain valid.

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