The app isn't working.

  • 31 December 2018
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Just to let you know the app had today stopped working for me. Won't connect now.

Its been installed twice. It's an internal problem with id everything is correct my end. Network is fine WiFi is working at home too. Sort it out please or at least notify those who need to know

Happy new year

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8 replies

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Same for me mate, seems my 3g/4g is working but nothing else
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Yeah mate seems it's affecting everyone
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Yes that's what I am getting also, would seem the network is now experiencing some service issues...
No idea on a time scale for a fix please be patient and try again later.

Even the dashboard account login from a computer shows some very odd behaviour.
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App is slowing starting to work again might need some more time, however can now access my account dashboard from web browser...
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Will wait a couple of hours from now
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I enter my email, ID mobile number and date of birth correctly but get an ‘oops something wrong’ message. I note other customers have the same problem. Everything I try with your software is affected by glitches. Most unsatisfactory. Am thinking of switching to new network if this goes on. Kindly help.

New app is faulty says not available earliest 3/4/2024 all customers will be texted as per customers support team 🤔

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Hi @Richard Mcneff & @Gerry O'shaughnessy 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the new app, the team are working on some issues with the app and hope to roll out a fix soon.





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