Mobile data 25GB gone in 3 days

  • 13 February 2024
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I am hoping this is a glitch given the the network was down over the weekend..I received my 25gig sim on Friday and activated late Friday. I put the sim into my 5G Huawei router and connected just 1 device..after maybe 20 OOKLA speed tests I get a text on Sunday night from ID - YOU HAVE NO MORE DATA !!!


Surely that isnt possible ???

Is there a way to get or see a detailed reporting of my data used?

Something is fishy here. 25gig gone in 3 days using Ookla Speedtest..I cant beleive it.


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The OOKLA speed-test downloads and uploads a large data file, @B3000

Because of this I’ve used their speed-test just once, when it caused my data usage to jump by nearly 1GB. I avoid the OOKLA speedtest - it’s a data hungry monster!

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Hey there @B3000, we’re really sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, as @andewhite has very nicely mentioned on our behalf, the speed test can use up a lot of data I’m afraid, so if you say you’ve done 20 or so, then that’s likely the reasoning behind your data being used up so fast I’m afraid. We’re really sorry about that.


If you have any further questions or queries regarding this, then please let us know.


Kind regards,




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Thanks all, yes my question is now resolved. Ill sit here on my hands until the first week of March when my data resets. Appreciate the support here.

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Hi @B3000 


No worries, let us know if you need anything else.




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