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Roaming in Tenerife

  • 8 April 2019
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I am going to Tenerife for a week and don't want to get roaming charges.

Please advise.

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Hi @WilWel

Tenerife is part of Spain and Spain is included in 50 destination that you can use roaming without additional charges as long as you are within your allowance and won't use premium numbers. Enjoy your holidays 😊
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Hello my daughter is in Tenerife right now and when I contacted ID Mobile they said because she is near the water, she will not have any signal at all.

She has to pay 30 euros hotel WiFi for a week so, that means when she's not in the hotel no connection still. 

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Wait what lol (“she is near the water”), they said that to you?

Has she logged in to her iD Mobile account and enabled the following two settings:

If Roaming and International are turned on, can you tell us what phone she is using?

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Hi, thanks for your reply.  My daughter said she had the roaming on from her IPhone 11 already. But still no connection. 

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We're in Tenerife right now and been sitting both on the beach and at the harbour, no problem at all with phone or data signal. Never heard of being near water causing a problem. 

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Just a thought, usually my phone would connect to a Spanish network automatically when we get to Tenerife. This time it didn't even after a restart. I had to go into settings hit the networks button then the available list came up. I chose Yoigo and it connected. I think that may be why your daughter can't get any signal at all, she needs to manually connect to a network.

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Hi @misses S, jumping in to concur with the other posters - “she won’t get signal if she’s near water” is one of the most bizarre things I’ve heard from one of our staff. Sometimes, signal can be weaker in coastal areas, but I’d say that applies more to remote areas in the UK rather than somewhere like Tenerife, where the population is actually quite concentrated by the coast.

Your daughter will need to ensure that Roaming is enabled not just on her phone, but in her iD Mobile account, too. As you can see from @AndyLB’s reply, there doesn’t seem to be an issue with roaming in Tenerife, so it seems like this is down to your daughter’s settings. Please ask her to enable roaming in the iD Mobile app and the phone’s settings, then restart her phone.


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Hi guys


Thanks very y, as Andy mentioned, my daughter finally managed to set it to..that and it's working now..

I appreciate all the input and yes that staff saying near the water was new to me as well,, He said because its not in mainland Spain and in an island thats why there was no connection. I've asked where in the ID Mobile website it was saying that and he said its not the but he just knew it, lol!! 😆

Anyway it's sorted and thanks again 

Mrs  S 😊

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Hey @misses S, if you can confirm the name of the agent and the date and time of the chat, we’ll have that fed back to the Live Chat team.

Glad to hear your daughter’s up and running now!


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