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  • 27 December 2020
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I want to cancel my contract but I lost my phone and cannot remember the number and i forgot my login details. I already cancelled the direct debit in my bank. I’m worried I might be in trouble for the left billing. pls can someone help me. thanks


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19 replies

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Hello @Shandy,

Cancelling the Direct Debit won’t cancel the account.

We’ll send you a PM so we can try locate this and help get it cancelled.




My contract finished last year so that should be the end I have not had the phone or number for a year so I want to just cancel 

I think it is a rip off to continue with it  is under hand to continue the contract which was for two years not happy at all 


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Hi @Palley 

 Our Live Chat | iD Mobile Network Team here is the best place to request a cancellation. We’re also contactable via Facebook and Twitter if you use those platforms. If you have trouble using those services then please let us know here and we’ll offer further support.


I want to cancel my acount within 14 days.

I have never used it or the Sim you sent.

I have seen sent a final bill for 5.76.

I won’t pay this as have NEVER used your service. Your live chat is USELESS.

I have tried to talk to someone to get this sorted but seems IMPOSSIBLE.

Please DM me and reassure me that my account is now cancelled and I do not owe any money to you.

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Hi @ihateid, thanks for getting in touch. Your iD Mobile SIM and plan is activated as soon as it leaves our warehouse.

You’re able to cancel your agreement within the first 14 days, however you’ll still be liable for the cost of any days you were connected.


Thank you,


I wish to cancel my data only sim plan as I am not using it, I have called but told to go online but feel being sent around the houses!

can you help to cancel please

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Hi @Des, if you’re not able to do this from within the iD Mobile app, you can speak to our Live Chat team before 18:00 this evening.


Thank you,


How to cancel my account and stop the direct debit


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You can chat to an agent here:


You’re connected to ID Mobile’s chatbot, but if you need to speak to an agent just type in “Agent” and select the “Disconnect my account” option. You will be transferred to a human being and you can provide ID Mobile with your 30 days notice. 👍

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Hi @Alfia Cox,


We can help you cancel your contract if you like.


We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account, so we can discuss your issue further.


To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’.


Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:


We’ll see you there.



I need to cancel my husbands phone it has been lost for 3 months still has over £7.00 on it not bothered about the money just cancel  the phone..

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Hello @Joy Fox,

Is this a PAYG SIM or a SIM only contract?

If it’s a PAYG SIM, it wil automatically cancel after 4-months of no usage.

If it’s a SIM only contract then we’ll need to process a disconnection for this but based on how you wrote this above, it sounds like a PAYG Plan.


I have just realised it’s not my husbands account it’s mine I am quite happy  with mine so please don’t cancel it. I do apologise it’s  my mistake he is with. 1P mobile  he could not remember it.  my daughter has now cancelled it.  Once again I apologise..

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@Joy Fox,

As long as you don’t request to cancel it the contract will continue.

Should you require further assistance, please let us know.



I have already replied I thought my husbands phone was Id- Mobile.  The phone is  mine I am happy with mine.  My husband was with another company my daughter has sorted it & it’s cancelled. I AM NOT CANCELLING MY PHONE» Joy

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No problem @Joy Fox,

No further action should be needed then.

We haven’t processed any cancellation via our Community as we haven’t accessed the account or completed security.


hi I need to cancel my account but the details I am providing aren’t working??

How can access to my account and end the contract?

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Hey @Pietro Rizzo,

Have you previously registered for an iD account before as you need to do this first before logging in.

Did you want to keep the number or happy to lose it?

Have you got access to the iD SIM still?