Paying off contract early

  • 20 February 2023
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Hi there. I would like to pay my contact off early what is the best step to take. I am unable to contact anyone and have not found any information on this. Thanks 




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Try asking the iD social media customer support team, using Facebook (with Messenger) or on Twitter (by DM). 

The iD Mobile social media customer support team work until 8pm on weekdays (6pm at weekends).  

Good luck @Mihaela Mare

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Hey @Mihaela Mare,

You can text INFO to 86075 with your date of birth as DDMMYY e.g.:



This will give you a termination fee of what it costs to cancel (not including any unbilled usage/add-ons or outstanding bills).

If you do wish to go ahead with cancelling it depends on if you want to keep the number or not.

If you want to keep the number, 

Text PAC DDMMYY to 65075 to get a PAC code.

Give this to your new network to switch and keep the number, which will cancel once it’s switched.


Text STAC DDMMYY to 75075 to get a STAC code.

Give this to your new network to switch and lose the number. Your new network will tell us you’ve left and we will process a disconnection.


If you still need help, let us know here.


Ok thanks for yhe information. I was not looking to cancel i currently have two plans one for the phone and one for the sim. I have roughly a year left on the phone plan which i wanted to pay off in full early and keep my current sim plan is this possible? And wpuld there be additional fees? 

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Hey Mihaela, so paying it off early usually refers to cancelling the contract.

Am I correct in saying you are not using the SIM Card that came with your phone contract nor the number?

If so, you can just cancel that contract via a disconnection. 

Then just pop your SIM only plan contract SIM into the phone.

Alternativley, you can just continue to pay the contract till it expires and cancel later also.

It’s not possible to pay off without cancelling the contract.

You could make a bulk payment for the termination fee but this just remains on the account as credit and is used to pay the bills. You still need to cancel at the end of the contract.




I have found another id mobile deal that I would like to get but i would need to pay off my current deal, I still have around 8 months left but happy to pay it, how do I do this?? 

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Hi @Nathan Mitchell,

Are you wanting to leave without the number? If so you can request a 30 day disconnection.

The final bill will be generated the day after the disconnection and due for payment within 14 days.

Unfortunately if you wish to keep the number you’ll need to port the number out to a different network then back into the new contract.