network down, no call or Internet

  • 10 February 2024
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Hi, I cannot make calls or use Internet. I have tried restarting my phone and no joy. Is your network down again.

50 replies

Hi, I cannot make calls or use Internet. I have tried restarting my phone and no joy. Is your network down again.

Also getting pdp auth errors on my iphone 13 in putney, London.

Sorry for bothering but its completely down in walsall, no network at all and even losing the ability of calling, like I'm in a desert !!

I'm Edinburgh and I'm the same no id mobile data or phone ability. Currently piggybacked on my partners phone. Come on ID mobile get it sorted 

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nothing here in hertfordshire and I can’t seem to get any answers using your chatbox and no one is available to speak to me.  This is atrocious customer service...

Down in Bristol as well - very frustrating!

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Exmouth and now Exeter in Devon. Patchy phone service but no data at all. Unable to access app even from home wifi

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Yep,they're useless! Missed work calls and messages as didn't realise my phone wasn't connected to anything!😡😡😡

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It's working in South London now.Hope it doesn't go down again tomorrow. 

ID network, rubbish as always.

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Back again just north of Exeter 😁. Signal and 4g indoors. To be honest I've found ID to be brilliant in my area and when travelling, that's why I was so surprised earlier. Never had that before.

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Today ID mobile SIM was not connecting to id mobile network in its usual device. I took it out popped it into another device (4G WiFi dongle) logged into the WiFi dongle from the phone and it connected to the network with no problems.


I then popped the SIM back into its usual device, and strangely I was asked to re-enter the SIM PIN.

After that all worked o.k.


This was after trying to login to my-ID both on the Id mobile app and online but kept getting error / "too busy" messages.


Hi, I cannot make calls or use Internet. I have tried restarting my phone and no joy. Is your network down again.

Same situation for two days. In the morning it's OK. After leaving work, where I use Wi-Fi, I can't connect to the Internet, call or send a text message. The worst thing is that I have a bus ticket in the application on my phone and without the Internet the ticket does not open. Yesterday I returned home only thanks to the good will of the bus driver. I pay £17 a monthly fee and this sort of thing happens? 

I thought it was me, my phone went to emergency calls only and then worked when I looked for my network then went again. Glad I know that there was an issue. 

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In Bristol. Suddenly have the same issue. Started with no data and then, after a restart of phone, no signal at all. Be nice to know what’s going on - even a message to says it’s in hand and they’re working on the problem. 

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Same. Restarted my phone. Cleaned the SIM. Still no signal. Issue started about 1hr ago. I'm also in Bristol 

No service in Edinburgh can’t call restarted several times. This is not acceptable service and I never had any of this when I was with EE. Ofcom must act and fine all networks that fail like this.

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Scunthorpe , same issue.. only joined 12 days ago, is that what it’s like 😞

Halifax here. Completley down, no internet, no calls, no messaging. No happy.

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Hi Everyone


We have had a recent outage that we apologise for, we believe services are back up and running, it may be worth rebooting your device to test.



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My network has done down again, I'm in Anglesey but no reported issues in the post code?? 

I am in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, my network has been down since FEB 28th !!! Three are doing maintenance… but I've had no apologies or even a heads-up from ID mobile… when is the maintenance going to end????

Yes that was correct… since FEBRUARY 28th my network has been down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freshwater, isle of Wight

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Hey there @Abbie Thompson, we’re very sorry to hear this. How long has this been an issue for please?


Also, we’re very sorry to hear you’re stiill having issues @Matt_p with your coverage. If there is on-going work in your area, then Three UK and our teams will be working to resolve these issues as soon as possible, and will most likely be on-going to improve signal in your area in the future.


If you’ve tried restarting your phone and network settings, or switching between 3G/4G/5G to get the best signal, and still having issues today, then please let us know, and we’ll send you a DM to investigate further with yourself.


Thank you,


More problems calling a landline it doesn't Ring and ends call. Not the first time 

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Hi @DavidIHenry 


Sorry to hear this, is this only with landlines?


Is this issue only when you call a landline or when a landline calls you?




Why iD Mobile?