network down, no call or Internet

  • 10 February 2024
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Hi, I cannot make calls or use Internet. I have tried restarting my phone and no joy. Is your network down again.

49 replies

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Am getting could not activate mobile data network and pdp authentication failure message. How do I solve this? Have reset network settings and turned phone off and on but no fix

I cannot use my data or network. I am in london NW, what is the issue and when is going to be resolved??

We have same issue , what’s happening! Fix the issue and update all 

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Me too. Good job I did a search before posting new topic!


my wife and myself both phones is not working. I did everything and nothing is working!


we up in Durham! And went to Newcastle and back nothing. So nationalwide issue??

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I have similar issue.  No internet, says something about pdp authentication.  I’ve switched off and restarted phone, I tried the reset of selecting another provided when get “no signal” automatic set for ID, reset the network. Plus only been able to get 3G since yesterday and that is intermittent.   

I’m located in Wrexham, North Wales so maybe not a localised issue given one of the above is from London.

Whats the problem and when will it be resolved?

I'm in Mansfield Nottinghamshire and also have no signal or Internet. I can't get on the app either when will this be fixed 

Same issue for both my partner and myself. Driving down M1 lost mobile data around Leeds, still nothing when arrived in Sheffield an hour ago. Still nothing now. Definitely a nationwide issue and no update from iD since last night…very poor. 

Can't access any internet in Bristol area, please update

I have no coverage at all I’m in Bristol started yesterday 

I am also experiencing this problem currently. No data, no calls. iD says no connection. I have tried restarting my phone, but it didn't resolve the issue. I am in Plymouth, UK.

Same issue. Based in Northern Ireland

no coverage here vauxhall lol 2 days in a row hahaha! 

Mid Wales here, no coverage since yesterday 

I'm in Kent and mines down too. 

Ironically I had a rate my service request from ID this morning (before I knew of the issues) and said overall good but the connection can be hit and miss when I'm not on WiFi 🤦

mine has come up with PDP warning…? 3g is down, everything! Is there not a number we can call? TIA

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Notts derby area network is not working what's cracking off?

Down in Surrey.


Currys overall covering themselves in something very differnet to glory..


They lost my phone for about a month whilst repairing it (it's only 3 months old now), had the apology call from the ceo office last week, and now the networks down.


No idea why I bought a anything from this joke of a company.

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No network here either, SE London. This is ridiculous. Someone solve this and pay us back in compensation. Unacceptable!

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I have only been with iD for a month and yesterday and today no network. I seriously thought something was wrong with my new S23 ULTRA. I have messed so much network functions on my phone,  I hope it will work after iD sorts their problems out. So annoying. 

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Same here in Portsmouth, no data, phone signal or texts for the last 4 hours. What's going on, we need an update? 

Only been with ID mobile for a few months and I’m starting to think i shouldn’t have swapped. Based in SE London, yesterday I had issues with my phone not having 5g or 4g data and now I can’t do anything! Can’t text, call, go onto the internet nothing. What’s going on and when will it get sorted? 

Nothing here in Berkshire either. Had to leave my shopping at the till because I couldn't use my Google pay 🫣

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What a joke....even their coverage checker is WRONG 

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What a joke....even their coverage checker is WRONG 

You should be checking their network status checker for outages or issues not their coverage map!

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I am also experiencing this problem currently. No data, no calls. iD says no connection. I have tried restarting my phone, but it didn't resolve the issue. I am in Plymouth, UK.

I am also in Plymouth and this started yesterday. I thought it would of been resolved by now as ID did put a post up saying the tec team have sorted things. This is causing alot of problems for everyone now and yes I believe this is a nationwide issue its just so fustrating at this point.