Joined iD but neither app nor website working for registration

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I’ve just transferred from another service provider to iD but I can’t register as a new customer either on the app or on the website. I enter my details on the app and then the next page won’t load, or when I try online, the website crashes.

I really need to get my new phone working with my old number but am unable to do so without registration. How can I resolve this please?

Hi there,

The iD website - or rather member area - has been offline since mid-morning.  Suggest you have a chat with online Chat services, although I’m not sure what they could do.  Looks like things should be up again later today.



Still the same today. Cannot access chatlline, app or website..Worrying..

Absolute BLANK show.

No advertised comms, no warning.  After some digging, an “update” last week didn’t work so remedial action was pushed to yesterday, Tuesday.  First, things just didn’t work right.  Then a somewhat helpful error.  Followed by a cuddly bear telling us things would work on Wednesday.  The same cuddly bear currently shows us the same (un)helpful error.  At least the Live Chat team can help with upgrades.  Woo.

As above, BLANK show.  People are cut off from certain services!  The words Change Management come to mind...

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