I cannot find any way to change my PAYG plan to Monthly plan

  • 27 March 2024
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I follow the instruction :

“To change your plan, log in to the iD Mobile App or My Account online, go to the 'My Account' page, 'Manage my plan' and select 'Change my plan'. You can then choose a new plan from the ones listed, and click 'confirm'.  Your plan, including your new monthly line rental and allowances will change within 30 minutes of your request.”

But I cannot find the “Manage my plan” option, see anyone can help?

3 replies

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Hi @AC123,

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Unfortunately you can’t change from Pay as you go to a pay monthly contract.

As contracts require a credit check you would need to place a new order online, however you won’t be able to port the number from one account to another.



Yes, you did answer, but the answer isn’t great. That means I have to port to other telco and come back again which is obviously not great from a user perspective.

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Hi @AC123 


Sorry to hear you aren’t happy with this answer, unfortunately it’d be the only one we can give.




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