How do I log in to My Account online

  • 20 January 2020
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Once registered, you can use the same user name and password for both. The perk of the app is that we have created other ways for you to log in so it is more convenient for you when on the move.

To log in to My Account online, simply enter your Username (this will be your email address), and your password.



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11 replies

My ID bill is £2.99 per month.  But on 20 April 2020, I paid £5.61. Why? I have not used up my minutes, texts or data allowance, I checked by ringing 7777 on my phone.

My ID bill is £2.99 per month. But on 20 April I paid £5.61.  Why? I have not used up my minutes, texts or data allowances, I checked by ringing 7777 on my phone

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Hi @Rachel10642 

Sorry to hear your bill is more then you expected. 

Please check your bill to identify why you have incurred additional charges this will help us identify why the charges have been applied. 

More information regarding billing and everything you need to know  can be found here 

Hope this helps. 


I am trying to put my account on my mobile with the  same codes on my laptop but it seems to exterminate  my laptop account and vice versa

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Could you elaborate on that a little @charleycat I don’t quite follow what you mean?

Is it a problem with logging in to your iD Mobile account you’re having?

If you’re unable to log in on either your mobile or from a computer.  Then you may need to do a password reset through our website (here)

I have been trying to log into my account for days. I change my password using the Change password function, I get the code texted to me and I get an email confirming the change. Then when I log in with my new password it says it’s the wrong password. This has happened 5 times now. How do I rectify this? I want to change my plan because I’m now overpaying after my contract has ended 

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Hey @annoyedcustomer, have you tried speaking to the FacebookTwitter or Live Chat teams?


Thank you,


I have just upgraded my phone but you have sent me a new sim so it looks like I now have 2 mobile accounts when I only need one 

The one I need is [redacted] not the new one you sent me [redacted]

Please cancel this last contract I don't need it I was just upgrading my phone not a new number 

Thank you 

Andrew Pons 

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Hi @Andrew P 


It appears you have not upgraded to a new plan but have instead ordered a new plan entirely, if you do not wish to keep the new number I’d recommend looking into a cancellation/return of the new account.



I pay £5 a month I want to access my account to find out when my service starts and finishes monthly. I cannot get into my account at all I have changed my passwords given my mobile number, email address over and over I have tried for over two hrs. I want to change my service but need help/ advice as I live outside of Uk and am only here 6 months a year,  never use the service when out of country as in USA. I Pay all year round so when I come back each summer I have service. I have had this service since 2018 so a long time but need to speak with someone to change it. Can anyone advise me please. 

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Hi @misdianne12,

Welcome to the Community!

We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account so we can discuss your issue further.

To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’.

Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:

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