How to protect your phone in hot weather

How to protect your phone in hot weather
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Hot tips to keep your phone cool this summer...

Whether it’s a rare heatwave set to hit the UK or you’re going on a siesta to Spain, we Brits love it when it’s warm. Your phone however, isn’t so keen. It can get overheated, and your phone’s battery could take some serious damage if it’s left out in the sun for too long. Keep your phone cool in the hot weather with these essential tips.

Why do you need to keep your phone cool?

When you just want to relax in the sun and top up your tan, it can be easy to put your phone down next to you and forget about it. But your phone doesn’t love sunbathing as much as you do, and keeping it cool is important.

Prolonged heat exposure can cause your battery life to take a hit, and your phone could feel slower to use too. Here’s some easy things you can do to keep it cool.

Don’t let your phone get sunburnt

Your phone doesn’t enjoy basking in the sun like you do, so you should really find a way to keep it in the shade, or put it away. On the beach? Put a towel over it! Chilling in a beer garden? Then find a shady spot or, better still, put your phone in your pocket when you’re not using it.

We wouldn’t recommend leaving it behind in the car though…

Don’t leave it in the car either

Every year there are warnings about leaving pets in cars on hot days, but the same goes for your phone too. A car can get hot inside really quickly with the windows closed, and that heat could damage your phone’s battery and even the processor, so make sure you take it with you!

Set your phone free from its case

Our bodies sweat to help us cool down when it’s hot, but your phone doesn’t have that option, so it just gets hotter. This is especially true when it’s in a case. Removing the case will let your phone breathe (in it’s own way) and cool down faster.

You wouldn’t wear a jumper on a hot day, would you?

Turn off any apps you’re not using

Apps use up memory and the processor has to work hard to keep up with all the different ones your phone can run at a time. Even if it’s running in the background, it still takes work, so you should close any that you’re not using.

Turn on airplane mode

If it’s really scorching and you don’t need to use your phone for a while, another good way to keep the temp down is by putting it in airplane mode. This will turn off all data, Bluetooth and other connection settings, so your phone will stay much cooler and you’ll also save some battery!

Try not to charge your phone

Your phone can get quite warm while charging, so you should delay charging it unless it’s absolutely essential. If you can wait until you get home, that’s even better.

For a phone that will last all day, the Google Pixel 3A XL has an amazing battery life so you won’t have to worry about charging it during the hottest part of the day, unless you forget the night before. But, even if you do, the super-fast charging will give you the juice you need in no time, with no overheating worries.

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Turn down the backlight

Even something as simple as turning down the screen brightness can prevent overheating, because it reduces the battery use. You might already have it set to ‘automatic’ but you can still turn it down more. You might even get a bit more time out of your battery life, result.

Play fewer games

Big, heavy games will make your phone get warm when you play even on the coldest of days, so when it’s roasting outside playing your favourite games too much could result in your phone going into overdrive.

Try to limit how much you’re playing if it’s hot out. There’s no need to stop altogether, just keep an eye on how warm your phone is getting, and stop if you feel it’s too hot.

Got any more tips for keeping your phone cool in hot weather? Then share them with us in the comments below.

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