7 tips to stay connected this summer

  • 25 June 2019
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7 tips to stay connected this summer
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Holidays, festivals, parties in the park… whatever you’re up to this summer, you don’t want to miss a thing. So, make sure your mobile connection is the best it can be to help you keep in touch when you’re out and about. Check out our connection top tips for maximum fun in the sun.

Check your coverage before you go
If you’re travelling or visiting anywhere in the UK this summer, our handy online coverage checker can show you what signal to expect before you go. You can search by postcode and view both 3G and 4G coverage. Use the iD Coverage Checker now and stay one step ahead.

Boost your signal
If you can’t get a steady signal, try giving it a boost. If you’re inside, switch rooms or move upstairs. Walk around your house and make a map of the areas with the strongest reception. Opening a window can improve your connection if the walls and the insulation is blocking the signal reaching your phone.

If you’re outside, try getting some altitude. Staying on higher ground means there will be fewer obstructions between you and the nearby cell tower, giving you a better reception.

Use Wi-Fi calling
When coverage isn’t great, you should still be able to make calls and send messages through a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi calling is a great iD feature available on selected handsets. Before you go, check your phone is compatible, turn Wi-Fi calling on within your phone settings and ensure your software is up to date. Find out more here:

Optimise your phone
Keep your battery well-charged and avoid electronic devices which can interfere with your signal. Some protective phone cases may also impact your mobile reception if they are made of signal blocking materials. Remove your phone case and check your connection to see if that is the case.

And don’t forget, try turning your phone off and on again. Yes, that old chestnut really can do the trick.

Stay connected while travelling
If you are traveling by train, you may have the option to access a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi calling is also available on some trains as a part of their Wi-Fi service. Find out which national rail trains across the UK have Wi-Fi:

Inclusive Roaming
If you’re off on your hols, remember your iD plan comes with Inclusive Roaming. This means, you can use your phone in 50 destinations throughout the EU, EEA and beyond. The minutes, texts and data you use simply come out of your remaining monthly allowances. Check your destination and find out more here: And don’t forget to pack your sun cream.

Get extra data
Don’t run out of data whilst you’re away. Stay connected by buying an Add-on through your iD account or the iD Mobile app. [] Add-on data can be used throughout the UK and in all 50 Inclusive Roaming destinations. Plus, for an extra wedge of back-up data, look out for Data Boost on selected handsets. []

If all else fails …
You can always try your SIM card in another device that’s unlocked. And, if you’re still drawing a blank, you can log a coverage fault with our Live Chat agents. We'll check it out and do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible.

We’ve got this
Wherever you are, iD Mobile has got you covered, with our fast 3G and 4G network covering 99% of the UK population.

We wish you a great summer! 🌞

1 reply

Hi, I’m just back from Glastonbury Festival and have to say getting connected was a real struggle. Eventually I worked out the only way to contact my friends and family was about 10 mins after an act started when people wouldn’t be using their phones. I would say 95% of the time I tried to use my phone I had no connection. My friends and family had no problems using their mobiles on other networks. Was ID pushed to the back of the priority from other providers?