How to move music from your iTunes account to an Android phone

  • 4 October 2019
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Once you’ve got your favourite tunes sorted out, you don’t want to lose them – especially if you’re switching to a new phone.

Want to move your music from iTunes to an Android smartphone? We’re here to help.

This guide will show you how to copy music files between iTunes on a Mac or PC, to an Android device.

We've broken things down into different sections, depending on how you're going to transfer your data. If your phone is a Samsung, HTC or Sony, you can get dedicated software for this. Any other Android device can use mass storage mode. We’ll show you how.


Consolidate your music files

First thing’s first. Let’s transfer all of your music files into the iTunes Media folder on your computer. This way you can copy all of your files to your phone in one go.

Consolidating your music won't delete them from your computer. It’ll just place a copy into your iTunes Media folder. Here’s how:

  1. On the iTunes menu bar, click File.
  2. Move your mouse to Library, then on the sub-menu that opens click Organise Library.
  3. Click to place a tick in the Consolidate files box, then click OK to start the process.

Your music will now be copied into your iTunes Media folder, and you'll see a message on screen when this is complete.


Copying music from iTunes to a Samsung phone using Kies

  1. Open the Kies app on your computer and connect your phone using the USB cable. If you don't already have it installed on your computer, click the link to download Kies.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click Music. This will display any music files that have already been discovered by Kies. To make sure that all of the required files have been added to the Kies library, click File from the menu bar, and choose Add folder to Library.
  3. Now open the Music folder on your computer, where you keep your iTunes Media folder. You can find this in the left-hand column of the Windows Explorer window. When you've found the Music folder, click it once then press the Select Folder button.
  4. After a short wait, your iTunes tracks will start to appear in the Kies library. Select the music you'd like to copy to your phone by ticking the boxes next to each track. If you'd like to transfer all of your music, tick the box at the top of the list to highlight all of the songs.
  5. Click on the picture of the phone at the top of the screen to send your selected files to your Samsung phone.


Copying music from iTunes to a HTC phone using Sync Manager

  1. Open HTC Sync on your computer and connect your HTC smartphone. If you haven't already installed the PC software, you can download HTC Sync here.
  2. HTC Sync should automatically start adding your music to the library. To check that it's found all your songs, click on the Music tab at the top and click Music Settings from the left-hand column.
  3. Make sure that Automatically import from iTunes to HTC Sync Manager is ticked. You can also click the add button to manually add music that may not be in your iTunes library. If you're manually adding files, you'll need to locate them on your computer, music files are usually stored in the Music folder.
  4. Click This Computer to view the songs you've just added from your iTunes collection. Right-click on any item and choose Copy to phone. After a few seconds, your selection will be copied to your phone.
  5. You can also send music to your handset by clicking the small phone icon below the cover art. When the phone is blue, this means it's been sent it to your phone.
  6. You can select individual tracks from an album by double clicking it to open the track list, then clicking the phone icon next to the tracks you want to transfer.


Copying music from iTunes to a Sony phone using Xperia Companion

  1. Connect your Sony smartphone to your computer and open the Xperia Companion software. If you haven't already installed the software, you can download it from the Sony website by clicking the link.
  2. From the Xperia Companion Home page, click Music to Xperia.
  3. You'll be offered a variety of sources from which to transfer music to your Sony Xperia. Tick the ones you'd like to use, then click the Transfer button in the bottom-right corner of the window to move them to your phone.
  4. Clicking the My folders tab will allow you more control over the music you'd like to transfer. If you've already consolidated your music (as described in the first section of this article) you'll see a Music folder containing the iTunes Media folder. To select the entire folder, click the box to the left to select all.
  5. To choose individual folders, or transfer music stored in different locations, click the Add folder link. When the window opens, navigate through your computer to locate the folders you'd like to add. Highlight them, then click Select Folder.
  6. The folders you've chosen will appear in the list beneath the Music folder. Add as many folders as you wish, then click each folder's checkbox to select it. When you're happy with your choices, click the Transfer button in the bottom-right corner.
  7. You'll see a progress bar as your music transfers to your phone, when it's complete, click Done. You can then disconnect your phone.


Copying music from iTunes to any Android phone using Mass Storage Mode

  1. On your computer, click on the Start menu and select Computer to open an Explorer window. Find your Music folder in the left-hand column, then go to Music > iTunes > iTunes Media and right-click on the Music folder. Click on Copy to add the Music folder to your clipboard.
  2. Connect your Android phone to your computer using the USB cable. If an autorun box appears, choose open folder to view files. Otherwise, click on the Start menu again and choose Computer. Your phone should be visible in the main window under Devices, or on the left-hand side under Computer.
  3. Double-click on the name of your phone, then right-click on the Music folder. Choose Paste from the menu to copy your music to your handset.

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