Top tips for the perfect family staycation

  • 29 July 2019
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Top tips for the perfect family staycation
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If you’re planning a summer staycation this year (a stay-at-home holiday, in other words), we’ve got some cracking tips to make it fun for all the family.

Summer’s here! But that doesn’t mean we’re all heading off to some sun-kissed overseas location. There’s a real trend for staycations this year – we’re talking about holidays spent in the UK, and sometimes even right at home. So, if you’re not going abroad this year, follow our family staycation tips for some summer fun with the kids!

1. Take a family trip to a museum
We’ve got some of the best museums in the world, here in the UK. A lot of them are free (yay!) and have some fantastic children’s activities. Check out and to find out the best museum suggestions for every interest.
If you’re heading into London, you’ve got lots of choice. Junior dinosaur fans will love exploring prehistoric life in the Natural History museum, and budding astronauts will think that the Summer of Space festival in the Science Museum is out of this world!
There are great museums dotted all over the country, from large ones in major cities to the fun and quirky little ones that are a real joy to discover. Be honest, who wouldn’t love a trip to see the world’s biggest pencil in the Derwent Pencil Museum?

2. Go on a picnic
You can’t beat a family picnic in a scenic location - when it’s nice weather, of course. So next time the sun’s out, grab a picnic basket, fill it with home-baked goodies and freshly made sarnies (or pop into a supermarket and buy what you need), pack the car with blankets, chairs and the obligatory frisbee, and hit that local picnic spot. If you need some location inspiration, the National Trust has compiled a list of perfect picnic spots here. Oh, and don’t forget the sun cream.

3. Discover the joys of going local
You don’t have to travel far for family fun these days, and there are loads of apps and websites you can use for inspiration on where to go. Hoop and Days Out With The Kids are our favourite websites dedicated to kiddy activities. Alternatively, head to TripAdvisor or Google Maps, and put your chosen location and the word ‘kids’ into the search bar. You can also use the AroundMe app to search for things like nearby theatres and restaurants.

If you find a local gem and you’d like to share it with your friends on social, it’s easy to add the location on your Facebook and Instagram posts. Alternatively, keep it to yourself and make it your family’s secret hangout!

4. Play games with the family
It’s summer! But it’s Britain, so it’s going to rain at some point. Sorry, but it’s true.
So be prepared, with some fun family games you can play indoors. Get out those traditional family board games you enjoyed when you were a child, and see if they still hold up today, against the temptations of tablets and smartphones! Will your kids be as thrilled by Monopoly or Game of Life as you were back in the day?

Check out the best family board games of 2019 here

If those old board games don’t entertain - or you just want to have a rest and leave the kids to it for a while - you’ve got tablets and smartphones to call upon. You’ll find stuff for kids of all ages below, from BBC iPlayer Kids to ghostly puzzler The Room Three - older kids for this one only, please!

Check out the best apps and games for kids of all ages here

5. Bring the cinema home
Treat the kids to a special movie night at home. Forget about the TV – that’s been done before – why not project movies onto your wall for a big screen experience? There’s a great selection here, including an Acer Ultra HD home cinema projector that works in natural light and dark rooms, and an LG Full HD home cinema projector that gives you a huge screen size of up to 120-inches. Close the curtains, turn the lights off, pass the popcorn, and prepare to be blown away.

6. Get the tent out
We’re going to end with another old-school suggestion that you might have enjoyed when you were a kid. Camping.

You don’t have to lug the tent too far to enjoy a night under the stars. The back garden is a fine spot to pitch a tent if your youngsters are new to camping, and it gives you lots of advantages – like nearby toilets and the joys of a fully stocked fridge!

If you want to venture further afield and go for a proper camping trip with the kids, you’ll find lots of good advice in this article from the experts at ‘Camping in the Forest’:
Top tips for camping with kids

We hope you find these family staycation tips useful. If you’ve got any suggestions of your own, we’d love to hear them. Post a reply below and share it with the rest of the Community.

If you’d rather go solo for your staycation, we’ve got some great ideas for you too

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