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  • 14 February 2024
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Help with my order please

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If you noted the order reference shown on screen at the point-of-purchase, the iD sales team might be able to assist, @Jay0910

They are available during normal office hours, on 020 7139 1397. 

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Just found it in spam thanks, it doesn’t mention how long delivery will be, do you have any idea how long it is generally please? And also regarding setting up a billing account how is that done

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What have you purchased, @Jay0910


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iPhone 15 pro max 

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Handsets are usually dispatched via DPD.

DPD normally receive the items for delivery the same day you receive your iD Mobile order complete email, @Jay0910

Typically, a handset contract would be paid off monthly by direct debit, using the details provided at the point-of-purchase - you’d also get a DD guarantee email from iD in due course. iD start charging you on the date your order is dispatched.

Perhaps consider making a video of yourself unboxing your order items, @Jay0910


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Hey there @Jay0910, I can see you’ve mentioned that you found your order confirmation which is great, thank you for the assistance @andewhite!


Please let us know if you need any further assistance with anything.


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