can't call a particular landline number from mobile only

  • 23 September 2020
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I have recently been have issues calling my parents landline from my mobile.

Their landline is working perfectly and can receive calls made from other phones.

They have not accidentally blocked my number.

When I try to call from my ID mobile, it simply cuts out straight away and doesn't ring/connect.

Please help resolve this.

4 replies

Just a quick addition to my previous post. I have just read a post from someone using an EE network who has a similar issue, their problem has been resolved by EE but they weren't told what the problem was.

I have also found out that my aunt is having the same issue and she uses the 3G network so I suspect it's a 3G network issue.

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated as I really need to be able to contact my parents particularly during lockdown restrictions.


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Hello @Uddieangel,

That’s very odd indeed.

Are you able to test the SIM in a different handset to see if this fixes the issue at all?



Same problem: used two separate mobile phones and ID SIM/phone numbers to call a known and existing UK landline but the line is “busy” although the other party is definitely not engaged in a call. Tried several times this week and on 2 occasions was answered by a French and German person, what seemed to be a recorded answer (“I can hear you clearly”, repeated). When calling from a Vodafone mobile there was no problem. An ID-mobile issue? 

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Hi @RuudHaasjes,


That does sound unusual. Have you been travelling with our SIM card in use at all recently?