Does id mobile work for me?

  • 15 August 2018
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I was wondering how I could find out if ID sim will work on my phone. I'm consideribg moving from EE to ID mobile.

I have samsung 6 edge plus.

1 reply

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Howdy @Hudayfa

Your phone itself should be fine as far as being able to receive our network goes.

Are you familiar with how Three's signal is in your area though? Cause that would give you a good indication of how you'll fair at home. You can always pop your postcode in to our Coverage Checker on our website though to get a good idea too:

If you purchased a SIM or phone from our website or Sales Team though, you would have a 30 day coverage guarantee through us directly. So we could easily provide you with a PAC and let you leave us without trouble if it turned out we had any sort of signal issues with your home and you made us aware of this within that first month.